Sarah Palin 'Devastated' By Bristol's Pregnancy

Sarah Palin

Ex-VP candidate admits shock on learning that her daughter was sexually active with Levi Johnston.

Sarah Palin has a book coming out tomorrow, and to promote it she's been hitting all the media outlets, dropping off tantalizing tidbits of her personal narrative that we all, admittedly, have been dying to hear.

To Oprah, we learn that Levi Johnston IS invited to Thanksgiving dinner and that he is still "part of the family." (Yes, even though he was concurrently getting creative with a hockey stick at a Playgirl photo shoot at the time of that interview.) Levi Gets Awarded For His Johnston, Prematurely

And now to Barbara Walters we learn something else:

Barbara Walters: Let's talk about Bristol. Did you know she was sexually active?

Sarah Palin: Nooooooooooo, and that is why it was shocking. Truthfully, we were devastated. [Source: Us]

In the clip, Sarah really draws out the "No," which is interesting because 1) it looks like Bristol is sitting right next to her, and 2) it has widely been rumored that Levi often spent the night with the family. Palin Wanted Daughter's Pregnancy To Stay Hush

In the teaser, Baba Wawa asks the former Vice Presidential candidate to "Finish this sentence for me, Sarah Palin is_________________."

What do you think it will be? Maverick? A Real, Proud American? Soccer Mom?

Photo via Flynet Pictures.