Adam Lambert Is Single

Adam Lambert and Katy Perry

Adam dumps Drake LaBry & parties with Katy Perry; girls everywhere wonder if it's finally their turn

American Idol fans have waited a lifetime for a moment like this. Captain Fierce of Funkytown is a free man.

Although Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry squashed last month's breakup rumors with a follow-up public make-out session, a source confirmed to that the two have decided to call it quits. It appears that the breakup was a mutual, amicable decision, prompted by Adam's busy schedule. The source explains,

They're still friends, and it's totally mutual. They will still talk and see each other. Adam is crazy busy right now getting the album done and squeezing in rehearsals. They both felt this moment is too important for Adam to focus on anything else but getting this album out and having it be a huge hit.

Of course, Adam's legions of female fans are hoping that this is their shot at getting the androgynous singer to switch teams. Glambert has stated several times that he enjoys kissing girls and that a latent bi-curious streak could be brought to the surface after a few drinks. So Much For That: Gay Conversions Don't Work

While those statements are probably just good marketing more than anything else, Adam has been seen quite a bit around Hollywood with one lovely lady—new BFF Katy Perry. The two shaggy-haired singers attented the premiere of This Is It together, and were seen partying it up at Adam Levine's Halloween party.  

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