Jon Gosselin And Octomom: The Next "It" Couple?


Jon Gosselin would be doing daddy duty for another "eight" if Nadya Suleman had her way.

If Nadya Suleman had her way, she and Jon Gosselin would be an item—along with her 14 children and his eight. Radar caught Octomom on camera recently, asking her thoughts on the fall of Jon and Kate.
Suleman's response? "They're getting divorced? He's hot." 
She must be pretty consumed with raising all those kids to have missed at the headlines on the Gosselin divorce. And then she obviously missed the headlines about Jon's 22-year-old GF. Jon Gosselin Engaged?
When asked, Suleman offered this advice to Kate on dating as a single parent: "Don't." Suleman doesn't think any single parent should be dating. But she did express sympathy toward Mother Gosselin, wishing that she receives privacy during this tough time. Kate Gosselin Shines As Single Mom
Actually, we can't imagine Jon has time to date Octomom. He's got the aforementioned girlfriend, divorce proceedings to stall, and a pending lawsuit from TLC (his show's network).
And with Jon & Kate Plus 8 wrapping in November, he's got a job search to start! (Plus, he has to hand that money back that he stole from Kate, so that job search might start sooner than later.) Jon Gosselin Did Steal, Must Return $180K To Kate
So if Jon called you up, you'd politely turn him down, Nadya? We didn't think so!
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