Avril Lavigne Files For Divorce


So much for their happy ending: Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley are over.

TMZ reported late Wednesday night that Avril Lavigne has filed for divorce from her husband of three years, Sum 41 singer and fellow Canadian Deryck Whibley. Avril filed the documents on October 9, less than a month after she posted a message on her website announcing the couple's separation. The reason cited for dissolving the marriage was—what else—that old standby, "irreconcilable differences."

Property, major appliances and CDs will now be divvied up by a swarm of lawyers. Since the two have no children, they won't have to worry about the complicated world of custody and child support. As for the matter of spousal support, Avril has requested to neither receive nor give. However, if the couple didn't have a prenup, or if Avril makes considerably more than Deryck, she could find herself writing him monthly checks. Hopefully, Deryck will take a page from Robin Wright and Sean Penn's book, and not turn the divorce proceedings into a money grab. Robin Wright Penn's Mess-Free Divorce

Since the pair's official split last month, theories about what went wrong have abounded, including: Avril partied too hard, Deryck wanted to start a family, Deryck was cheating on Avril with various groupies and models, and Avril was cheating on Deryck with various billionaire bois. While any of these could be true, the most plausible explanation here is that Avril finally realized that she got married too young. The Pros And Cons Of Marrying Young