Justin's Grandma Was Anti-Jessica Biel


Justin Timberlake plays the "Let's just be Friends" card.

While neither party has spilled anything definitive to the press yet, the evidence seems to be mounting against the relationship that once was Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. Tabloids are erring on the side of splitsville and the sources coming out of the woodwork include JT's grandmother, Sadie Bomar. 

According to New York Daily News [via Celebitchy], Bubbie was none too keen about her grandson's main squeeze for the past three years. According to Bomar, Justin never had plans to marry Jessica. He was too focused on his career. "Jessica was keen to marry, but Justin isn’t ready," she reportedly said to British magazine, Closer. "As far as we’re concerned, he’s always been single." Ouch! It's a pretty painful slight when immediate family openly disapproves of your relationship. But for them to not even acknowledge the relationship? We felt that slap in the face from over here. 

"The girlfriends come and go, but we believe nothing has ever been serious," Bomar said in the interview.

Perhaps granny knows best. JT definitely doesn't look like he's ready to settle with anyone, with the way he's been caught working the singles circuit at clubs and apparently rebounding with Rihanna. 

Despite being the one to ax the relationship, Justin is simply not in the habit of leaving his lovers high and dry. Rather, he plays the "Let's just be Friends" card.  

"He’s a good guy and he does care about [Jessica]," says a source close to JT for Fox 411. "They will always stay in touch because he works very hard at friendships with his exes...Photos will still surface of them together because they will remain friends, and anytime she needs him, he will be there."

Frankly, that just makes the breakup more drawn out and painful, no?