Jon Wants Show To Be Kate Minus 8

jon gosselin

An interview on Larry King Live reveals a suit against TLC's Kate Plus 8.

Entertainment Weekly had an interesting rundown of Jon Gosselin on Larry King Live (didn't Larry used to interview former heads of state and Marlon Brando?). In addition to  amounts of verbal diarrhea we gleaned the following from his talks with old Hunchy McDivorcey:

1: Jon is really, really sorry. He apologized to Kate Gosselin (awww) and Hailey Glassman (hmm).

2: Jon is getting some therapy (applause) and now he is empowered (cringe). Read: When Couples Therapy Doesn't Work

3: Jon had an "epiphany" (golf clap) and thinks the kids should be off of Jon And Kate Plus 8 (nod head slowly) and is suing TLC to cease and desist (scratch head vigorously). Read: Jon Kicked Off TLC Show; New Name, "Kate Plus 8"

4: Jon earned a million bucks last year from the show (punch self) and is not bitter AT ALL about being removed from the cast (shake head slowly).

To be honest, we'd seen minimal amounts of Jon & Kate Plus 8. But being a relationship-centric site we kept tabs on Jon and Kate (but not the 8, sorry). Frankly, we didn't care for the way he was treated but, like the rest of America, he totally burned all his put-upon husband capital with his shenanigans and non-dad t-shirts and hats.

While it would have been great if someone would have asked, 'Is this really good for the kids?' sooner, it just seems like sour grapes now. Hopefully, the kids will get some quality education because of this. And maybe Kate can move into the production side of television where her bossiness will become a real asset.


Photo via Bauer-Griffin