Madonna On Letterman: I'll Never Marry Again


Madonna pulls an Anne Heche on Letterman, saying she'd rather die than re-hitch.

Madonna showed up to David Letterman's show Wednesday night riding on the shoulders of eight New York Rangers players. Dave asked her, "Have you ever ridden hockey players before?"

Madonna cheekily replied, "No, that's the one sport I haven't investigated."

After the reacquainting small-talk, Dave got down to business, going in for the kill that makes every talk show host salivate: the ex. "You were married for like eight years, right?"

"Yeah. The Bush years. It was a good time to be out of America."

"Are there aspects of that, that you miss, being married, or do you think you'll ever be married again?"

"I think I'd rather get run over by a train."

The audience gives a reserved can-we-laugh-at-this response, and Madonna joins in to laugh quietly at her own joke.

Poor Guy Ritchie. He's put up with what's been reported as Madonna's below-the-belt divorce settlement and even stuck around this summer when she adopted little Mercy James from Africa to heightened controversy. Guy has stuck by Madonna to cooperatively share custody and pass their faith to their children. Celebrity Love: Madonna And Guy Reunite For Baby And Kabbalah

No word on where Guy Ritchie is this morning, or whether he caught Madonna's interview. We love Madonna, but the Anne Heche-esque comment referring to her ex seems unnecessary. She should at least thank Guy for that fake English accent she rocked for almost a decade. Celebrity Love: Top 10 British Celebrity Crushes

Perez Hilton has highlights of the interview here.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.