James Van Der Beek And Wife Split

James Van Der Beek and Heather McComb

Since Dawson's Creek ended its six-season run, um, six years ago, its stars have wowed us at the box office, on our TV screens and on our tabloids. And now, unfortunately, it is through the headlines that we learn of the latest DC news.

James Van Der Beek and his wife of six years Heather McComb appear to have split up two months ago. A rep told Us Weekly that, "the couple remain good friends." Read: Why It's Better To Befriend Your Ex-Husband

Soon after the series finale in 2003, James Van Der Beek, who played the show's title character Dawson Leery, married McComb in a July ceremony in Malibu. McComb is also an actress and has appeared on Party of Five and Prison Break.

It can never really be a surprise when a Hollywood couple, or maybe any couple really, breaks up. What may be surprising in this case is that it happened two months ago and is just being reported now.

Despite playing Dawson, Van Der Beek does not have the same star power as his former co-stars. Katie Holmes parlayed her role as Joey into an even juicier gig as Tom Cruise's wife, where she never seems to leave the headlines. Michelle Williams starred in Brokeback Mountain, which resulted in an Oscar nom and a marriage and baby with Heath Ledger. Joshua Jackson has played various movie and TV roles before landing a more permanent spot on the new hit show Fringe this season.

So while Van Der Beek has enjoyed a successful career, if not marriage, his celebrity status isn't quite as high as when his show aired. For this reason, it's probably been a blessing that he and his wife were able to split up, and remain split up for two months, without being noticed.

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