Lindsay Lohan's Desperately Seeking Samantha

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson

The will they, won't they? The Lohan-Ronson drama continues with yet another sleepover.

Rumors of an impending reunion between Lindsay Lohan and ex-girlfriend, Samantha Ronson just won't die down. People magazine reports that Lindsay spent Tuesday night at Samantha's house, and  ''briefly changed her blackberry messenger name to ''LL loves Sam Ronson'' while vacationing in Hawaii.  Lohan even told E! News that, ''she and Ronson are ''in touch'' and remain friends."

How badly does Lohan want to stay in touch with Ronson? Lindsay spent Tuesday night driving around the city trying to track down Samantha.  She even turned to the paparazzi—the very same ones she wishes would leave her alone, so that she can focus on the career she's trying so hard to revive—for help in tracking down her ex. TMZ has a video of Lindsay driving up to the restaurant where Sam had dinner, demanding that the paparazzi tell her if Sam came and left alone.  She was obviously upset when told that Sam did, indeed, come with someone, but left alone.

A chatty friend of Lohan's said to the magazine that this breakup could be like other times in the past. (read more at Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Back Together?) ''It's a cycle that can go on forever. Now that things have died down a little and Lindsay is behaving herself and showing Sam what she wants to see, Sam's strength to stay away eases up.'' But a friend of Sam's insists that she has, ''no plans to take her back.''

Sam might be tempted, but her family certainly won't be. Sam's family, including her fashion designer sister, Cynthia, and music producer brother, Marc, was so concerned with the increasingly dysfunctional relationship between the couple that they staged and 'intervention,' triggering Sam's decision to end the relationship with Lindsay in the first place. More at Samantha Ronson Kicks Lindsay Lohan To Curb

Says yet another source to People, ''Sam's family will literally lose all respect if she goes back to Lindsay, and that's what's convincing her things are really over.''

Photo courtesy Splash news