4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By The Full Moon In Scorpio On April 23

A few zodiac signs will experience palpable effects from this full moon — here's why.

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On April 23rd, the full moon in Scorpio will be ruled by Mars and will make a square to Pluto, creating tension. Although it can make us apprehensive, this transit could feel like a continuation of this eclipse cycle. However, the moon will allow us to review and revise just as we all prepare for Mercury to go direct later in the week. The most impacted signs will be fixed signs, which will only help them continue their journey to level up.


4 zodiac sign signs most affected by the full moon in Scorpio on April 23, 2024

1. Scorpio

Since the moon will be in your sign, it may bring challenges but can open the doors for new beginnings. You are closing out a cycle, and Taurus season is here to help you move forward, initiating a period of love, confidence, optimism and understanding. A further analysis of your relationship dynamics will play a role during the transit. Still, you have endured a similar energy when Saturn was in Aquarius, making a square to your sign. But having Pluto here will translate into learning to love yourself, allowing love to enter your life, and building a sturdy foundation to help you become more disciplined and focused as you continue on your path to victory. The moon in your sign allows you more profound transformations as you embrace the powerful and more confident version of yourself, ready to receive love in a way that uplifts you and helps you blossom.


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2. Aquarius

With many cycles closing, the full moon in Scorpio will be challenging for your sign. However, the transit can help you proceed with caution regarding managing your career goals and dreams. If you feel the need to rush or are frustrated because you may not receive the recognition or merits you deserve, things can move in a new direction for you because you are pushed to success and will know how to fine-tune the plans to get there.

Pluto is in your sign, giving you significant opportunities to make dreams a reality even though you may feel overwhelmed by the changes that transpire. However, you will understand the value of patience, knowing when to adapt, and how to take the helm. With the moon in Scorpio, you will understand what brings you emotional wealth, stability, and happiness and what needs to be released to initiate powerful new beginnings.

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3. Taurus

The sun is finally in your season after the wave of changes brought to our attention by the eclipse cycle. With the full moon in Scorpio opposing your sign, you can navigate conflict and be more in touch with your diplomatic side. Pluto is transforming fixed signs, and although this can be a very unnerving energy, you can be more in command of your vocation goals, feel more inspired to flourish with your projects, and meet new people who help catapult your dreams. Connections can be a theme of this transit, and the moon will have you reminiscing since Mercury is still retrograde and the present. You can see the changes in your social circles. Clarity will also be essential to this process because you will see people for who they are.

4. Leo

Pluto in Aquarius is restructuring everything for fixed signs, and the full moon in Scorpio will remind you of this. Now will be your period to shine through because you will learn the value of building a foundation to get where you desire. The transit helps you visualize your blueprint before taking action. The important thing is to create balance and be patient with yourself since you could be given more responsibilities during this time. Establishing better relationships with the people around you will also impact this transit.

Mercury is still retrograde and making a trine to your sign, which can be an excellent time to review, revise, and learn from your mistakes. After all, the lessons you acquire during these fixed sign transits can be valuable while Pluto transforms the collective for the next decade.

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