4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Drastically Improve On April 21 Once Asteroid Juno Goes Direct

Zodiac signs who felt pressure in their relationships when Juno stationed retrograde in January 2024 will finally feel some relief.

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The asteroid Juno stationing direct in the sign of Virgo on April 21st is set to transform the relationships of mutable signs. This transit will not only teach us to be more discerning with partnerships and not to settle, but also bring about a period of patience and scrutiny in these relationships. It's a time of evolution and self-discovery, especially with Saturn in Pisces opposing this asteroid, adding a layer of depth and challenge to our relationships.




Juno wants us all to evolve and better understand what we want and desire to feel fulfilled. After all, 2024 has brought about deeper recurring themes regarding relationships — the eclipses in March and April have been a testament to that. But the story doesn't end there. In August, when Juno enters Libra, it will carry the torch for more eclipse themes that we will continue to navigate in October.


These transits are not just about understanding, but also about gaining confidence to accept, seek, and embrace love. They are about feeling inspired, whole, and worthy as we continue our journey of self-discovery and growth.

4 zodiac signs whose relationships will drastically improve once asteroid Juno goes direct on April 21

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1. Virgo

With Juno in your sign, this energy has been potent especially since it has opposed Saturn, currently in your relationship house. We are all experiencing changes in our relationships, and as a mutable sign, these can feel quite harsh after the eclipse in Aries. But we are now in Taurus season, embarking on a journey of healing and understanding as the Venusian season brings us more to talk about regarding love. With Juno direct, you can look at relationships for what they are and understand the value of putting yourself first.

2. Sagittarius

There is new terrain to be explored beginning next month, and this Juno transit echoes some of the latest lessons you will uncover in May when Jupiter enters your sign. If you are single, it will be extremely apparent that you will seek a change from what you loved in the past. You are maturing and the eclipses will shatter all of the concepts that once brought you joy and will present you the reality. You are removing the rose-colored lenses and seeing that there is power in love as long as the person you share your heart with is worthy of you.




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3. Pisces

Given that Saturn is in your sign, Juno's transit in the sign of Virgo will ring the alarm to any relationship issues you have experienced. With the eclipses happening in Libra and Aries, respectively, you are becoming more aware that love comes with trust. If you cannot trust someone or vice-versa, the relationship will not progress and will stunt you emotionally. But now you can feel more optimistic with Juno direct, giving you clarity, opening up your mind, and knowing that the changes that happen pave the way for something more significant, profound and beautiful regarding relationships.

4. Gemini

As a mutable sign, this month has brought to your attention that you cannot sacrifice it all for work and must also open up your heart. Juno pushes you to share and bring more love to those who protect and love you at home. Juno and Saturn create a dance to get you to strengthen your foundation and find your way back to yourself. The transit highlights a lot of the self-care and emotional needs you may have neglected. Nevertheless, it also shows how you have been successful in other areas that will continue to expand once Jupiter ingresses your sign next month.


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