4 Zodiac Signs Experiencing A Deep Transformation Now That Eclipse Season Is Over

An 18-year cycle has come to a close.

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Aries season has opened a mini Pandora's box for us all. On March 25th, 2024, the collective experienced the first chapter of the eclipse portal with the lunar eclipse in the sign of Libra. The transit had us reflecting on prior relationships and connecting with what we genuinely want in current or future partnerships. The transit represented a release from an 18-year cycle coming to a close and the perfect period to forgive and consider looking ahead with more diplomacy and tact in relationships.


The solar eclipse in Aries followed on April 8, 2024, connected to our identity and direction. While the Lunar energy wanted us to make peace and consider implementing diplomacy, the solar eclipse felt bold in the sign of Aries. Messages from this transit are connected with identity, discovering our purpose, and channeling the cardinal energy by looking ahead with more courage.

Eclipse season has rocked the collective, and now that we are getting closer to Taurus season, things are slowly getting more controlled and balanced. Once this Mercury retrograde is over, Taurus season promises to ground us and begin planting new seeds. 


As for the most impacted signs, Aries and Libra endured the most during this cycle. However, as we shift gears, we will see how this process has opened doors for other signs to thrive. 



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4 zodiac signs experiencing a deep transformation now that eclipse season is over

1. Aries

After enduring much of the eclipse-inspired transformative energy, you feel much more free until the next set of eclipses later in the year. May looks like a promising month for you, especially with Venus in your sign and Jupiter ready to enter Gemini. You are now going with the flow and understanding what you have been taught. It is a lot easier now to dream and believe in yourself. Relationships can also receive a spark as you begin to change your outlook and be more comfortable with the flow of things. A new journey begins for you, and Taurus season helps you explore and research the treasures you want to uncover.


2. Libra

Eclipse season did a number on you, but now that we are entering Taurus season, you feel a sense of camaraderie since it's a time governed by your ruling planet, Venus. This post-eclipse season, you'll feel more confident, social and prepared to engage with the challenges that can spark ahead. Nevertheless, with Jupiter's ingress in a fellow air sign, Gemini, May looks promising. Of course, things start to get more interesting as you learn how to break free and trust your instincts. Your independent side will shine through now, as will the romantic partners you may meet along your journey.

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3. Gemini

You are prepared to bask in the fun and excitement as we all get closer to anticipating Jupiter's ingress in your sign. Although it will not be as lavish as its stay in Taurus, there will be plenty of opportunities and enlightening moments with this transit. Saturn in Pisces may feel like a clashing force, but it is here to teach you so you can grow and expand as much as possible. With the focus now on power and control, Jupiter will offer you much of the optimism you may have been lacking in your life. You are ready to take on the new messages and lessons and be victorious — a time when your inner warrior awakens.

4. Virgo

Now that the eclipse in Aries has concluded, Virgos can begin their healing period. The eclipse axis impacted one of the darker parts of your chart, pushing you to face topics you may have buried for a while. But things look much more promising with Jupiter prepared to ingress in fellow mutable sign, Gemini, awakening your desires for success and praise. Your moment to shine starts in a month as you embrace what Jupiter in Gemini offers you. You can feel your ambitious side sparking up, as well as your social life, once Venus enters the sign of Taurus in May. Taurus season will feel spectacular since Saturn in Pisces gives you the reinforcements to catapult your career and dreams.


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