4 Zodiac Signs Entering A More Fortunate Era Starting With The Venus Star Point On June 4, 2024

It’s time to begin a beautiful new path.

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The Venus Star Point in Gemini on Tuesday, June 4 begins a brand-new cycle and path in our lives. Wherever Gemini shows up in your natal chart is important to understanding precisely where this new beginning will take place for you, it’s also important to reflect on the qualities of this air sign. 

The Gemini zodiac sign represents duality, symbolizing the desires of your soul and the more human needs you have for your life. It is a social, outgoing, and opportunistic sign that will bring you more than you could even imagine because the magic here is in knowing what to choose.


The Venus Star Point in Gemini occurs once every year and ushers in a brand-new cycle associated with love, money, where you call home and even your own sense of self-love. While Venus’s Star Point in 2023 was associated with the qualities of Leo, bringing courage, action, the ability to follow your heart and even a bit of drama, the one in Gemini is about expansion, possibilities and learning to choose from your best or higher self. 

The time for rushing ahead or even waiting for events to just happen is over. Instead you are being called to choose the life you want and never give up on making all of your dreams a reality.


4 zodiac signs entering a more fortunate era starting with the Venus Star Point on June 4, 2024

1. Taurus

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Venus Star Point affirmation: I am honoring my worth as I manifest a legacy of wealth.

As a Taurus, you are naturally attracted to luxury, wealth and a life of ease and the finer things. But to genuinely reflect on what that means for you is an essential part of any life or legacy you build to ensure that what you’re investing in is actually going to fulfill you. This comes down to knowing you are worthy of what you dream of, whether it means financial freedom or the simplicity of being surrounded by those you love. Wealth and worthiness are yours to create a meaningful new beginning within.


On Tuesday, June 4, the Venus Star Point in Gemini will light up your house of finances and self-worth, helping you begin a brand-new era in these areas of your life. Venus will help gift you have a more financially successful year ahead — but it will also help you love yourself more deeply so that you can also feel more confident in whatever you choose. Gemini carries that duality, and, in this case, it might arise in matters of what you truly know you deserve versus what others tell you that you should accept. 

Remember that you get to decide what actually goes into achieving the best. When you can trust yourself in these matters, you can ensure you are manifesting the life and the legacy that isn’t only close to your heart but that genuinely speaks to all you deserve.

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2. Virgo

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Venus Star Point affirmation: I am open to exploring new possibilities in my career.

There is no shortage of incredible plans you make for yourself to achieve career success, but it doesn’t mean that if they don’t come to fruition, you have failed. You are a natural planner. Whether it’s regarding your career or even personal life, being able to make plans and know what to expect brings you a sense of safety. But in honoring your natural qualities, you also need to leave space for the universe to work its magic. The success you have been working for is destined for you, but it will be achieved a bit differently than you had first thought.

The Venus Star Point on Tuesday, June 4 highlights a new beginning in your career. With Venus here bringing all the qualities of fulfillment and wealth, this is the time to ensure that you are truly putting your heart into the work that you do. The Venus Star Point in Gemini brings the energy of air, which carries themes of opportunities, movement, and even having to choose which path you will take. This will create the need for finding a balance between what you need in this moment versus what you dream of for your future. For instance, you might find you have to return to school now in order to achieve the success you want later on. 

When you can take the redirections, and be open to a new role, or even career path, then you will be able to find the financial success and recognition that you deserve.


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3. Sagittarius

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Venus Star Point affirmation: I am committed to honoring the truth of my heart.

There can be many truths that you align with, and as the seeker of the zodiac, you are more than willing to entertain multiple options and possibilities. But this can be problematic at times, especially in the romantic area of your life, where usually knowing what and who you want becomes critical. 


You are considering romantic commitment more seriously than you had in the past, but you also may be tested by the universe before moving into that new chapter. Knowing your heart comes down to understanding your authentic self because especially in matters of love, choosing the person that is right for you is key.

On Tuesday, June 4, the Venus Star Point in Gemini activates your house of romance, kickstarting a new beginning in your relationship. Venus, the planet of love, in this placement means that it’s time to leave whatever has occurred in the past behind you. Whether this is past heartbreak from an old love, a challenging phase in your relationship or even your previous approaches to romance, you can’t have what you want if you continue to carry all you’ve been through. 

You also have to be especially mindful of ensuring that you aren’t jeopardizing the love you want forever for what feels good for only a moment. While being distracted by romantic possibilities can be a part of Venus in Gemini, so is being able to choose a partner that you can enjoy life with and continue to grow — it all just comes down to a matter of whether or not you are ready to leave the past behind.

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4. Aries

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Venus Star Point affirmation: I am choosing to let myself be fully seen.

As much as you are the first sign of the zodiac and a natural leader, you often must learn how to practice genuine confidence in yourself and your abilities. While others might already see you in this way, learning to listen to yourself, take up space, speak your truth and allow yourself to be fully seen is often a journey that takes you time to build. But the rewards once you do are immense, as you can finally feel like you are attracting the great abundance you have always felt was meant for you.


The Venus Star Point in Gemini on Tuesday, June 4 highlights how you show up in the world and the space that you are willing to claim. While in this area of your life, you might find you excel at projects, writing, publishing or even podcasting. 

But beyond the abundance this will bring to your professional path, is the significance that it will hold for you personally. The Venus Star Point in Gemini is about letting yourself be fully seen by those close to you and even the world for who you truly are. No more trying to blend in or uphold the status quo — you were born to be a leader and stand out, and the life you want will only be possible once you embrace your most authentic self. Allow yourself to speak clearly, vulnerably and transparently — but more than anything, believe in yourself and all that you are capable of creating.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.