The Cat Breed That Fits Your Zodiac Sign's Personality Best

Whatever your disposition is, there's a cat breed out there that fits your zodiac sign's personality best.

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Dogs may be considered man’s best friend but cats are our masters. While dogs love to please, cats love ruling the house (and the dogs!). Cats can also be a best friend as well as a soulmate with fur. Like dogs, they bring love and companionship.

Cats have different personalities just like all living creatures, and choosing the perfect cat is important as we like to think we can find one that matches our personality and lifestyle. 


Let’s look at the cat breed that fits your personality best, using astrology.

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Aries: Bengal

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The Bengal is a great cat breed for you because it shares some of your most important qualities. Bengals are energetic and adventurous, which fits your lifestyle — plus, they are bold and confident, just like you.

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Taurus: Himalayan

taurus zodiac sign cat breed himalayan Omar Al-Ghosson / Unsplash


A Himalayan cat suits you well. Like you, they are into comfort and luxury and prefer staying at home. They love a pleasant, peaceful environment and are beautiful, which matters to you since you are ruled by planet Venus.

Gemini: Siamese

gemini zodiac sign cat breed siamese Alex Meier / Unsplash

You are into communication, as are Siamese cats, known for vocalizing what they want to their owners. They are social, love people and are very intelligent which suits you to a T.


Cancer: Nebelung

cancer zodiac sign cat breed nebelung Roman Skrypnyk / Unsplash

A Nebelung suits you perfectly, as these cats are known for their loyalty and empathic nature. Like you, they thrive in stable and loving environments. Sometimes it can take them a while to warm up to new people and come out of their shell, just like you, Cancer.

Leo: Abyssinian

leo zodiac sign cat breed abyssinian mits hak / Unsplash


The Abyssinian cat breed suits Leo well because it loves attention and being at the center of things. Abyssinans are athletic and always ready for playtime and fun. It is a highly intelligent cat breed and can’t stand being bored. Does this sound familiar, Leo?

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Virgo: British Short Hair

virgo zodiac sign cat breed british short hair Johanne Pold Jacobsen / Unsplash


A British short hair mixes very well with you, Virgo. This cat breed is friendly, affectionate and a great companion whether you have children or not. These cats are friendly and chilled but content, steady and fiercely loyal.

Libra: Ragdoll

libra zodiac sign cat breed ragdoll David Brooke Martin / Unsplash

A Ragdoll is an ideal cat for Libra. Like Libra they are affectionate, friendly, social, placid and playful. They are known as gentle giants in the cat world and are beautiful with soft fur coats and startling blue eyes that can draw you in, features that Venus-ruled Libra can truly appreciate.


Scorpio: Burmese

scorpio zodiac sign cat breed burmese Annet_ka / Shutterstock

Like Scorpio, Burmese cats are known for their loyalty and attach themselves closely to their human. They can be suspicious of new people they meet although once they trust you they will warm up, just like Scorpio. As long as you treat them well they will never leave your side.

Sagittarius: Turkish Van

sagittarius zodiac sign cat breed turkish van Simona Marinkova / Unsplash


The Turkish Van, also known as the "swimming cat," is an ideal cat for you. They like the outdoors (even water!) and love fun, games and adventure. They are highly active and their energy level should align well with your zest for life.

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Capricorn: Russian Blue

capricorn zodiac sign cat breed russian blue Simion Andreea-Marina / Unsplash


A Russian Blue should suit you well since they are known for their intelligent yet reserved nature. Their demeanor mirrors you since they are smart, laid back, regal and basically homebodies.

Aquarius: Sphinx

aquarius zodiac sign cat breed sphinx Dustin Humes / Unsplash

The perfect cat for Aquarius could only be a Sphinx. Like you, they are one of a kind. Their lack of hair makes them stand out as something quite unusual and they are known for their typically extroverted behavior. They are one of the more dog-like cats, often meeting their owner at the door when they come home.


Pisces: Maine Coon

pisces zodiac sign cat breed maine coon Kanashi / Unsplash

The Maine Coon is friendly, sociable and laid back, which suits Pisces well. Just as you are known for your empathy, so are Main Coons — so much so that these cats are often certified as therapy cats, visiting those in hospitals and nursing homes.

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