All Of The Days Mercury Will Be Retrograde In 2024 — And How Each Retrograde Period Will Affect You

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While each retrograde always has a powerful meaning and significance, 2024 quite literally begins and ends with Mercury retrograde, encouraging time for reflection. There are three Mercury retrograde 2024 dates, each spanning about three weeks and including additional pre- and post-shadow phases.

Mercury is the planet that rules your mind and governs how you communicate but also how you speak to yourself as well. It tends to affect matters such as relationships, travel, and anything in which an important agreement was made, so often it reflects in your career as well.

Although Mercury has the shortest retrograde periods, lasting only about three weeks, it has a pre- and post-shadow phase that often can bring complications and opportunities. While signing new contracts, booking travel, or even taking back your ex are not suggested during the pre-shadow period and retrograde, the post-shadow phase is when you can feel more confident about making new decisions, learning from your mistakes, and taking that redirection from the universe as a sign that you are moving in a positive new direction. 

Mercury retrograde dates for 2024 



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March 18 – May 13, 2024: Mercury retrograde in Aries

On March 18, 2024, Mercury in Aries enters the pre-shadow phase. On April 1, Mercury goes retrograde in Aries until April 25, 2024, when the post-shadow phase begins, lasting through May 13, 2024.

Mercury will be in Aries during this retrograde phase, creating a powerful window of opportunity for you. While the first retrograde period of Mercury in 2024 was about tying up loose ends and planning for what you hope the year will bring, this one in Aries is all about what you can do to make it a reality. This is a time to return to the drawing board of your life, to research options for a career, move, life improvement, or even why you've been having difficulties in your relationship. As you do, it's time to revise what you had originally planned for at the start of 2024 so you can take those redirections from the universe as the divine blessing they are.  

This Mercury retrograde phase will also occur during the Lunar Eclipse in Libra and the Solar Eclipse in Aries, making it even more powerful and likely bringing up an opportunity from the past that you can now seize. Focus your energy on reconnecting with others during this time, whether it's coworkers, friends, family, or even beginning to network with greater passion. During this revision time, you will be encouraged to seek out the help of others, which is different than letting anyone influence you; it is about letting yourself be open to new and better ways of doing things.  

Zodiac signs most affected: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn 

Zodiac signs least affected: Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius, and Pisces  

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July 16 – September 11, 2024: Mercury retrograde in Leo and Virgo

On July 16, 2024, Mercury in Leo enters the pre-shadow phase. On August 5, Mercury goes retrograde in Leo until August 14, 2024, when retrograde Mercury transits into Virgo. The post-shadow phase begins on August 18, 2024, lasting through September 11, 2024.

This Mercury retrograde phase brings a shift of energy from Leo into Virgo. This is also the only time all year that Mercury retrograde will not be in a fire sign and although it's only for a few weeks, it is a time of profound movement and decisions.

Mercury will begin its retrograde in Leo before shifting into Virgo about halfway through, so it's important to reflect on what these two zodiac signs are meant to bring up during this exciting period. Leo and Virgo will help you work through your ego that may be preventing you from taking the opportunity that is meant for you or even admitting there is a better way to do something. It's a chance to release control over everything, having to go the way you planned it perfectly, and to become friends with your fears rather than let them overrule your innermost desires.

Use this time to focus on self-validating your own choices, as well as to be mindful of any self-sabotaging ways that you may be acting as radical truth will be highlighted. You can have feelings, but to ensure you're not working against yourself, it's important to acknowledge what you are going through.

This retrograde period may prove to be especially powerful in your relationships, so be mindful of exes coming back or even disturbances in your current relationship. Remember that often, in romantic connections, you can choose to be right or to be in love, but seldom both.  

Zodiac signs most affected: Virgo, Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius 

Zodiac signs least affected: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and Scorpio 

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November 25 – December 15, 2024: Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius 

On November 7, 2024, Mercury in Sagittarius enters the pre-shadow phase. On November 25, Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius until December 15, 2024, when the post-shadow phase begins, lasting through January 2, 2025.

The final Mercury retrograde phase of 2024 begins where you left off at the start of the year. It's important to look at where Sagittarius energy shows up in your birth chart to be able to know precisely how this energy affects you and what it even means for what you are meant to learn and move through.

In its final phase of the year, Mercury retrograde will occur in Sagittarius, another fire sign that will be the theme for most of 2024. In this place, Mercury wants to encourage you to embrace your passion and zest for life by expanding yourself to try new things. But because this is a review and even redirection period, it becomes more about reflecting on how much you've opened yourself to new experiences or opportunities and if you see value in doing anything differently.  

Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that often represents travel as it is the sign of the seeker, and during the holiday season, this is intensified. Booking new travel plans is not suggested during this period, and it's also important to double-check flight times or arrangements if you will be embarking on a trip during this time. The most important thing is to give yourself more time, whether it's making an important decision for the new year to come or even traveling home for the holidays. When you realize that there is never any rush for doing something new or deciding, you also give yourself the time and space to make the choice your future self will thank you for.  

Zodiac signs most affected: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces 

Zodiac signs least affected: Cancer, Libra, Taurus, and Aries 

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