Chiron In Virgo: Defining Traits, Deepest Wounds And Healing Powers

With Chiron in Virgo, you will struggle with perfectionism in both yourself and others.

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Chiron in astrology reveals your innermost wounding. It represents the type of situations and people who subconsciously cause you pain even if they didn't intend to. Chiron in your birth chart can also be the source of your greatest gift to the world... if you successfully heal the wound caused by it. 

With Chiron in Virgo, that soul wounding will reflect Virgo energy.

Chiron in Virgo meaning

With Chiron in Virgo, you will struggle with perfectionism in both yourself and others.


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You can literally get so preoccupied with making everything “just right” that you forget to check the time or your surroundings and end up wasting all your effort or even miss the boat completely!


Perfectionist people will be the bane of your existence. You won't be able to get them to get a move on. They will constantly reduce the efficiency of anything you are attempting. Or even start micro-managing you because they have unrealistic expectations of what the world is like and how people function. You may also be like this and micro-manage people yourself.

Chiron in Virgo makes a person feel ill at ease in a team or when they have to delegate tasks to others. They prefer to work alone and do everything themself.

Chiron in Virgo can also make a person a clean freak. And a lot of times this points to a past life where you died early because of some kind of plague or communicable disease. But since it is Chiron, too much cleanliness will create the “wounding” of an auto-immune disease or even lead to allergies to the most basic things.

Sometimes people with Chiron in Virgo have a wounding around virginity. They could have been raised in a strict religious household or community that made them feel shame towards their bodily functions, including menstruation and arousal. Some may even have terrible memories from their teenage years where, after puberty hit them like a storm, instead of finding help amongst the adults around them, they were shamed for behaving in sexual ways, which was totally out of their control anyway. In fact, they may not have even understood why they were behaving in such a manner!


Chiron in Virgo can also create an aversion towards sexuality and create an obvious wounding when an asexual or demisexual individual is forced by society to take a partner or engage in the act for the sake of “making babies.”

Sometimes people with Chiron in Virgo fall prey to teenage pregnancy due to various reasons — some accidental and others nefarious. And then they find society blaming them even though they are still a child or teenager or, in some cases, an outright victim!

Since Virgo is often associated with secretarial positions and being an employee, Chiron in Virgo will make working at a 9 to 5 unbearable because of office politics. The native may feel they have no chance of advancing, especially if they are hard workers. Your hard work may be completely overlooked. Or people may treat you like a slave and overwork you. Sometimes your boss may even decide that it's more beneficial for them to have an employee like you always stay at the lowest rung because you work like a horse. It would be beneficial to learn when to stop working and say no. 

Chiron in Virgo also reflects a wounded self-esteem. Most people will never take you seriously and never look at you like a leader. Even in a leadership position, you may choose to isolate yourself from others at the same level or find that your juniors don't respect you as their head or manager. The latter might be because of your inability to delegate work to others effectively. Thus, the juniors slack off while you overwork yourself or they unionize or mutiny against you. But whether or not their mutiny is valid or not depends on whether you are a victim-type Chiron in Virgo or the villain-type Chiron in Virgo.


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Healing the Chiron in Virgo wound

Healing one's Chiron wound can sometimes take an entire lifetime. But that's only if one is actively trying to heal this point of discomfort and nuisance.

A lot of Chiron in Virgo natives become successful entrepreneurs or one-person shows if they stop trying to control others in a 9-to-5 scene and make the most of their incredible ability to do many things at once. But sooner or later, they will have to learn to delegate and pick the right crew to further their goals if they want to grow big.

Your perfectionism can also be channeled into becoming a virtuoso at something, and understanding that perfectionism is more of a personal preference. Since people learn and grow, something that feels perfect to you right now will feel like crap a year from now or ten years from now. It's about not judging your younger self as an idiot but seeing it as a journey. 


Healing your self-esteem is also a great starting point for those who have Chiron in Virgo. After all, most of the issues with insecurity and perfectionism arise from allowing external criticism and harsh judgments to go straight to your heart.

You cannot control how others see you. Once you realize that some people genuinely enjoy tearing down others and their “constructive criticism” is just projected hate, you can start healing your Chiron in Virgo wound.

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