Wake Up, Drink Coffee & Read Your Tarot Cards — Why You Should Add Tarot To Your Routine

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When undertaking a new task or behavior, it is essential to have a routine. Having a pattern that you stick to each morning can help you feel better about yourself and the world around you.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to create a tarot routine. Doing this will ground you and help you have a much easier time reflecting on your life.

Now, let's go over how you can create a tarot routine each morning to help you feel centered, relaxed and supported throughout your day.

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Create a tarot routine in the morning

Wake up with an alarm clock. If you usually wake up on your own without an alarm, great! But for making tarot a part of your daily routine, you will need to make sure you get up.

First, drink a glass of water right away when you wake up. Some people choose to meditate or do some light stretching after drinking a glass of water. Next, brush your teeth and put on a bit of makeup if you wear any. Then go and get dressed as you normally would.

The next step is to sit at a table with some tarot cards and tools (stones, candles, incense, etc.). You can also sit on the floor or couch as long as you have enough room to shuffle tarot cards.

Relax your shoulders by rolling them back, down, and forward a few times. This will help prepare you for a tarot reading, which is physically demanding work for the body. Have some tarot cards ready to be pulled during the day (see tarot spreads ), or choose one tarot card that symbolizes your morning.

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Start pulling the tarot cards

Then, you will want to pull tarot cards, one at a time. Concentrate on your question/situation and the tarot card(s) you pulled each time before pulling another tarot card. Keep pulling tarot cards until you feel like you have found an answer to your question or situation. Repeat this process for 30 days or until you feel like tarot is part of your routine. Make sure to keep up the tarot routine on weekends, too!

The Tarot Routine Does Not Need To Take Very Long

This tarot routine in the morning should take about ten minutes, but if it only takes five minutes, that's okay. It will be difficult at first to make tarot a priority during your busy day, but if you put tarot first for 30 days, it will be easy. If you would like to learn tarot, I suggest checking out tarot decks. However, if tarot cards are not your thing, perhaps tarot spreads will help. You have to do what is best for you and what you are the most comfortable doing. It is your morning routine, and you have to be true to yourself! You may wonder, too, if you must do a tarot routine only in the mornings.

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Is it necessary to only do a tarot routine in the morning?

It is possible to create tarot routines for different times of the day, depending on what works best for you. Therefore, no, you don't need to do these readings only in the morning. But think about this. When you start your day in a certain way, it can shape how the rest of your day forms unless an unexpected situation happens.

For example, if you wake up well-rested and have a smooth morning, you expect the rest of your day to go well because you are in a grounded mood. However, you could get into a car accident, or your boss could chew you out for something you did a few weeks ago. Those things will change the course of your day.

However, odds are your day will follow the path of how you were in the morning. That is why when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you end up having a bad day (unless you unexpectedly get a raise). Tarot has been proven to improve health and well-being to benefit your mental health by creating a tarot routine in the mornings.

I hope this helps! Did this article help you? Then, pay it forward by sharing with others who might benefit from it. And it would be best if you remembered that tarot cards are an excellent tool to complement any therapy you are receiving, as it is never a replacement.

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