11 Weird Signs You’re Really Good In Bed (According To Men)

If you do any of these things, you might be really good in bed.

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I like to think I can tell a lot about guys’ opinions of women and if they are good in bed. And most of the time, I can. It’s not too hard to figure out what guys think about a woman’s skills in sex, but sometimes, even seasoned veterans of these discussions (like I am) can get thrown for a loop.

Such was the case when I was watching what appeared to be a date from hell with a friend of mine. The girl herself was decent-looking, but her personality was lacking. Greatly.


In fact, she was painfully aggressive towards other people while a very embarrassed-looking man continued to stay patient as a saint with her. By mid-date, she was completely trashed and yelling at him. Eventually, she went to the bathroom to fix up her makeup.

My friend, being the bro that he was, asked the poor fellow whether he needed an excuse to leave.

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“No,” he replied sheepishly. “We’ve been, umm... dating for several years.”

“Ah, so she’s that good in bed?” my friend asked.

Silently, the guy nodded. I just sat there in awe that a woman’s bedroom skills could make such a huge impact. So, I began to wonder what else I wasn’t noticing about guys when they were dealing with a sex goddess in the sack. My guy friends decided to weigh in on what makes a woman who's good in bed worth it.

Here are 11 weird signs you’re really good in bed, according to men:

1. Your ex contacts you years later

“If he keeps hitting you up for sex years after you broke up, there’s a good chance that he thinks that you were one of the best lays of his life. After all, casual sex is pretty easy to obtain.” 


2. Your bedroom skills, not your personality, are what keep him around

“When a girl is really awful in terms of personality, dirt poor, and mediocre in terms of looks, if she’s got someone heavily committed to her, it’s because of her bedroom skills.”

3. You lick your lips

"Like, constant lip licking, lip curling, things of that nature.”

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4. You're a closet freak

“For me, I’ve noticed that it’s the quiet, geeky ones that tend to be the craziest... in a good way.”

5. You can bust a move on the dance floor

“Dancing. I look at the way she hits the dance floor. If she’s not losing herself in the music, I can’t see her being decent in bed.”


6. You're emotionally unhinged

“Please don’t hate me for saying this, but any time that you see a guy who’s with a girl that’s totally unhinged, it’s a bedroom thing. Guaranteed, 100 percent.”

7. You have a reputation

“Usually, you can tell a girl is really good in bed because she’s got a reputation for it. Yes, guys do talk.” 

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8. You're either crazy, have a good personality...or are good in bed

“You know how some girls always have exes that get obsessive around them? That happens for three reasons. It could be her personality, or it could be that she likes crazy. If it’s neither of those, it’s the bedroom skills.”


9. You swear like a sailor

"There's some subjectivity to what being good in bed means, but I've noticed some correlation between lack of inhibition with speech and lack of inhibition with sexuality. Yep, she's good with her tongue."

10. You're intelligent

"You want to know why so many guys go for the sexy librarian type? Yeah, they do that because they know she's going to be absolutely crazy in bed."

11. You get passionate about other things

"Call me rare, but I get sexually excited when I see a girl totally passionate about her job or her hobby. It's because I know that her passion probably translates to the bedroom, too." 


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Ossiana Tepfenhart is a writer whose work has been featured in Yahoo, BRIDES, Your Daily Dish, New Theory Magazine, and others.