6 Ways Tantric Sex Can Make Your Bond So Strong, You're Practically Immune To Cheating

When he wants you every day, he'll never be tempted to cheat.

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How many times have we hoped that we have met “Mr. Right” and watched the connection end in a betrayal and break-up?

How often did we begin to fantasize about a wonderful future with someone but watched it fizzle into a painful betrayal?

With Tantra, you can learn to create a magnificent and magical connection that lasts a lifetime.

While there is no way to fully prevent a partner from cheating, you may want to learn Tantra to build blissful monogamy and help prevent betrayal based on sexual disconnection in your committed relationship. You may also seek ecstatic emotional and sexual experiences in an open relationship.


When you have the strongest emotional and physical bond with your lover each time you make love, the experience builds honesty, trust, and unconditional acceptance without lies.

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Tantric sex — memorable sex creates a strong bond

Betrayal is always based on fear and Tantra is the antidote to fear because rapture and joy build oneness.


Whether you are his only lover or one of many, Tantra creates enchantment, and he will return to that memory again and again, seeking more.  

Tantra also builds honesty. Cheating is often caused by his fear that he cannot be truthful without being judged and rejected.

During Tantra, your bodies and hearts bond, and there is no judgment possible. During each Tantric experience, you are one.

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A deeper experience

When you practice Tantric skills your relationship will continue to deepen, and you will build the strongest emotional and physical bond of your life.


Even if you are the only partner with Tantra training, you will become so irresistible that he will want more and more.

Decades can pass and you will still be unforgettable to any lover you have reached with Tantra.

If Tantra is new to you, its popularity is usually focused on the explosive orgasms that you’ll both experience after hours of lovemaking. It's the opposite of the "wham bam" approach.

Here are six Tantric steps that can produce a much deeper, lasting bond with your partner

1. 'Glistening' and the four-minute rule

During your first meeting or the next date with your current lover, gaze into his eyes with a soft Mona Lisa smile for four minutes. Most men love it when you listen, and this is more than listening.


This is “glistening” — the ability to gaze at him without judgment and with unconditional love.

You will be offering him a connection that is rare and precious because you’re not in your head, you’re centering your energy in your heart. Practice this each time you’re together.

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2. Empathy, not self-expression

When you speak to a lover, gaze softly into his eyes so that he feels emotional safety and a deep, loving connection with you.  

The more he is in his head when you meet, the more crucial it is for you to generate this bond so that he begins to see, hear, and feel you and not his stories about you.


You are literally awakening him from being a rational guy in his head and guiding him into an emotional trance of a loving heart. 

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3. Stop-start teasing sex

Whether you like slow sensuous intimacy or you prefer fast erotic sex, using Tantra techniques is life-changing because they align with the female body’s slower physical arousal than the response of most male partners.

If you usually begin with a few kisses and experience orgasm in five minutes, can you imagine an orgasm that is 3,000 percent more powerful after 30 minutes or more?    

4. Forever foreplay

You’ve heard that your mind is your largest sex organ and that your skin is the second most important factor in foreplay as you explore the kind of tickling, licking, and sucking that you and a lover enjoy most.


Every inch of your bodies are erogenous zones and when you learn to play his body "like a violin” you become unforgettable.

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5. Edging

Some women dislike foreplay and there’s a Tantric technique, edging, that incorporates little foreplay and a great deal of penetration in a particular equation.

“Edging” is the perfect combination of emotional ecstasy, sexual entry, and building the frenzied momentum that defines Tantra.

You start by gazing into his eyes with an open heart.

He enters you and you each become more and more aroused for the few minutes that this continues.


If he has this training, he can withdraw and reenter you again and again.

Once he withdraws, begin more foreplay. Kissing, licking, sucking.

After a few minutes, have him enter you again, and through what may be hours or days, this seemingly endless penetration brings each of you closer and closer to the ecstatic and complete merging of mind-body-spirit.

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6. Female and male orgasms intertwine

Think of the double helix of DNA and imagine each of you is one strand, meeting and parting as you reach the divine ecstasy and bliss of an "upward spiral." 

With practice, you feel one another’s body as if it’s your own. You feel one another orgasm as if it’s within you.


With more practice, the female orgasm may become a female ejaculation and for some men, their orgasm can be felt throughout their body as is often experienced by women.

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A powerful experience and a powerful connection 

With Tantra, physical boundaries diminish and disappear, and your enter the altered state of Tantric euphoria in which the separation between your mind and body recedes.  


Tantric passion lasts, and the irresistible and unforgettable connection persists when the mind, body and soul merge for even four minutes when you first connect.

With more skills, he will wonder why he cannot get you out of his mind. You become imprinted onto his cells.

So that years later, when you each quiet your minds, when you focus on one another, you can still enter a state of passion and bliss even if the only stimulation is your memory.

Tantra is undeniably the greatest sex you’ll ever have because the reverberating memory of your orgasm can last a lifetime.

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Susan Allan is a certified mediator and coach and the founder of the Marriage Forum, Inc. She offers The 6 Part Conversation© and The 7 Stages of Marriage and Divorce© training so that both partners understand their own needs and their partner’s needs and learn to create the most peaceful and loving "passionships".