5 Way-Too-Common Myths About Tantric Sex

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tantric sex

Even if you've never tried it, you've probably heard of tantric sex. 

If you don't know exactly what it is, you've definitely got an idea: it's some sort of yoga practice that enables you to have hot sex, right?

Or maybe you heard that it's that weird study that lets you have sex for hours without having an orgasm. Or maybe hours-long orgasms. You know, like Sting.

There are elements of this misinformation that are right, but they don't shed light on the whole picture of what tantric sex really IS. 

In Sanskrit, tantra means 'the weaving and expansion of energy'. It's a form of sex that moves slowly and in the process, creates intimacy and creates a mind-body connection between the two partners. 

Let's dispel some of the myths about tantric sex, and in the process hopefully make this wonderful practice of bonding partners emotionally seem more accessible. 

Here are five way too common myths about tantric sex: 

1. You have to be an athlete 

You don't have to be an athlete or a millionaire to practice tantric sex. In fact, tantric sex is really about building connections.

You don't need to engage in a variety of insane sex positions to achieve this, either. 

If you are a human being and you have sex, then tantric sex is a practice that can give you great tools to achieving greater intimacy with your partner. 


2. It's all about being spiritual

Nope, not at all. 

While the practice of tantra comes from the ancient Hindu and Buddhist practices, you don't need to be a practicing religious person to have a positive experience.

Tantric sex isn't about religious conversion, it's about meditation and tools to help you have better sex with stronger orgasms. 

You might say "oh god" ... but not because you've suddenly seen a religious light. 

3. It's ONLY about sex 

Fun fact, most basic tantric sex positions do not even involve direct genital contact. 

While you can have genital contact, in tantra, the focus is always on creating an emotional bond between the partners, not a penis and vagina bond.

That's just a fun bonus! 

A very fun bonus. 

4. It takes forever to learn 

Sure, you can spend your life studying tantric sex

But you can also just go to one long workshop and pick up enough tools to improve your sex life!

Not just that, but you'll also learn some tools that will you help you feel better about YOURSELF outside of the bedroom.

And to think, you spent your last weekend watching Netflix and avoiding your laundry. 


5. It will make you obsessed with sex

Tantra is a practice that encourages an individual to accept pleasure in all aspects of their lives.

Sure, having hot sex is definitely a pleasurable experience, but it isn't the only pleasurable experience that exists. 

If you weren't OBSESSED with sex before you started studying tantra, there's no reason you would be now.