People Who Use These 3 Emojis Have The Most Sex, Says Study

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That’s right folks: your cute little emoji choice might actually work against you when it comes to dating. According to the dating app Clover, there are certain emojis that single people should and shouldn’t use when starting conversations with people online.

Everyone knows the amount of emojis you use equals the amount of sex you'll be having. Well, maybe not, but there may be some truth to it after all. Are you more of a peach emoji kind of girl? Or maybe you use the eggplant emoji to tell your girlfriends all about the wild, or not, night you had with Josh. 

The study conducted involved analyzing data from 3 million of their users, which they then used to create a helpful infographic. The graphic is organized by gender and which emojis guys like and are most likely to respond to, ignore, and send themselves.

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According to the graphic, women respond the most to the sassy girl, hungry face, smirking face, tongue out face, smiling face, sweat droplets, speak no evil, tongue, heart eyes, happy devil, sun face, and see no evil. Men, on the other hand, respond the most to smirking face, crazy face, laughing crying, relieved face, okay, two hearts, upside-down face, weary face, tongue out eyes shut, kissing lips, heart eyes, and see no evil.

The emojis that each gender specifically doesn't respond to are quite funny and also kind of predictable. You can't just throw random emojis around all willy-nilly. They have to make sense and relate to the conversation going on. Emojis are a great way to say a lot with very little, and whether or not the person you're interested in has the same sense of humor you do.

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Men are not responding to the diamond ring, a pile of poo, crying face, and the Vulcan salute. Go figure (especially on the diamond ring!). Women were least likely to respond to the phallic eggplant, clapping, flexed biceps, and fist bumps. It seems like they can easily weed out the bros from their emoji choices. even over text, men still have commitment problems. 

The graphic also shows what each gender enjoys sending the most. Strangely, they don’t really add up with what both men and women like to receive. According to the study, women love sending waving hand, smiley face, heart eyes, and winking faces. Men seem to love sending the grinning face, smirking face, rose, and blowing a kiss. At least all these emojis are easy enough to understand.

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Whether you use dating apps or not, this handy little emoji chart could do your technological conversations a whole lot of good. Try out the next time you're bored and want to weed out the men you're texting.

Check out the graphic below:

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