Woman Says Grown Women ‘Have No Business’ Wearing Their Hair In Pigtails

She claims that the style is childish and that any man who is attracted to a woman in pigtails "belongs on a registry."

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A woman online received an onslaught of criticism after she declared that grown women should never wear pigtails. According to her, the hairstyle is too childish for adult women. However, others online insisted she mind her own business and leave women to style their hair as they please, regardless of their age 

The woman insisted that pigtails are childish and that grown women should not be wearing them. 

Sabrina Kosmas shared her controversial opinion in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 770,000 times. 


“Hot take, if you’re a grown woman you have no business wearing pigtails,” she started her video. “It is so weird to me when I see full-grown women, I’m talking over 18, wearing pigtails in public, especially in their 30s, 40s, and beyond.” 



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According to Kosmas, pigtails are “elementary,” and men who are attracted to women who wear pigtails “belong on a [sex offender] registry somewhere.” 

She added that she will make a “slight exception” for those who choose to wear their hair in two braids when doing physical activities or on a topical vacation and "your hair is getting really frizzy so you need to braid it to tame it."

“But otherwise … it’s too weird for me, especially paired with a sundress. That’s as creepy as it gets,” Kosmas concluded. 

Most people online disagreed with her opinion on pigtails, believing that women should be able to style their hair however they like. 

“I think it’s weird to have such a strong opinion of how someone else wears their hair,” one TikTok user commented. 


“I get it, my hair is too thin for pigtails too. I also often get jealous of people who can pull off styles I can’t,” another user wrote. 

"Going to START wearing pigtails now," a third commenter shared.

Woman Says Grown Women Have No Business Wearing Their Hair In PigtailsPhoto: javi_indy / Shutterstock

Many online accused Kosmas of “sexualizing” a hairstyle. 


“If you are fetishizing pigtails that’s on you boo,” another user wrote. 

Some users even suggested that Kosmas's arch-nemesis must have worn pigtails to justify her unfavorable views of them. "Who hurt you?" several commenters questioned.

The collective opinion about Kosmas's video was: If you don’t like pigtails, no one is forcing you to wear them. However, you have no right to insult those who do. 



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“I don’t know why we needed a whole video for you to basically chastize grown women for what they do with their hair,” Helena, @helhathfury on TikTok, shared in her own video. 

“If you don’t like pigtails, then don’t wear them,” she continued. “We don’t need to have an opinion on every single thing out there, especially if it doesn’t impact you in any way.” 

Just because pigtails are a popular hairstyle among children, does not mean that grown women should be forbidden from wearing them. 

Another content creator (@insufferableyinzer) stitched Kosmas's video and brought up an excellent point as to why grown women might choose to wear pigtails. Her stance may make people think twice before they infantilize the hairdo and those who wear it. 

From a disability standpoint, it is a very easily accessible hairstyle to not only do, but maintain throughout the day if you have mobility issues,” she explained. “But, disabled people are infantilized day in and day out, so I guess it’s not really surprising.” 




The woman also highlighted that braided pigtails are often worn by indigenous women as part of their culture. To some, hairstyles carry deep cultural meaning and can signify identity, status, or connection to tradition. Pigtails may be worn as part of ceremonial attire or as a way to honor ancestral practices. 

Still, even if pigtails are not worn out of convenience or culture, liking the hairstyle is reason enough. Societal norms around hairstyles and age should not dictate how individuals choose to express themselves. Pigtails can be fun, cute, and nostalgic, and there's no reason why adults shouldn't be allowed to wear them.

So, if you happen to know or see a grown woman (or man!) wearing pigtails, let them know that they’re rocking it! 


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