Why Men Love Sundresses, According To Reddit

There's just something about them.

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As the warmer weather approaches, so do endless memes about how much men love sundresses.

Here’s a fun fact men may or may not know: women don’t dress for them.

We love sundresses because they’re light and airy, allowing any slight breeze the sticky summer weather offers to provide airflow where we otherwise wouldn’t get any.

It just so happens that not only are sundresses functional, they’re also incredibly cute — a fact that isn’t lost on many men.


But what is it, exactly, that makes men fawn over sundresses?

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A Reddit user turned to the r/AskMen forum to find out, asking: “my friend just told me that men usually love summer dresses, is it true and if yes what do like about them?”


Here’s what Reddit had to say about why men love sundresses.

1. Sundresses are the perfect style of dress.

“Summer dresses are the perfect combination of cute, hot, and classy.”

2. Sundresses give off a carefree vibe.

“I don’t know what it is, maybe it has something to do with associating it with the one big break we had growing up, or the extra little bit of skin they show, or the flowy bits that pop up and down in the wind, or how happy a woman seems when she’s wearing her cute new summer dress, but for as long as I can remember I have been instinctively attracted to a woman in a summer dresses.”

3. It’s not about the dress — it’s about the happiness of the person wearing it.

“…if it has pockets and an opportunity for sharing this feature arises, the sheer delight in the females face is both amusing and heartening.”

4. They’re functional and feminine.

“They're feminine, flowing, colorful, often with nice prints, can be a bit revealing, drape nicely over a nice butt, even look comfortable. What's not to like?”


5. They’re casual but classy.

“Yes - biggest thing is it's not formal, but it's a breath of fresh air from the yoga pants and a hoodie look.

Nice way to ‘dress up’ on a date day.”

6. Sundresses are the perfect article of clothing.

“They’re just lovely articles of clothing. Cute, but not silly, attractive but not overtly sexual, classy but not stuffy. The way they flow in a gentle breeze is almost hypnotizing.

And the rare occasion when you compliment a woman on her dress and her face lights up as she says ‘thanks, it has pockets!’ Just seeing someone genuinely comfortable and happy with their clothing is wonderful, coming from a life of wearing so much clothing that wasn’t ‘me.’”


7. They leave room for the imagination.

“They hint at what is underneath, but leave a lot to our imagination.”

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8. Sundresses are a breath of fresh air.

“A summer dress is about the cutest thing I could imagine on a woman. It's a lighthearted, happy look that just brings me joy. I really miss having a lovely lady in a cute dress by my side. My life has been quite dark overall, but a colorful sun dress on a lady just brightens everything right up for me. Even if she's just a stranger in passing. The bright colors and flowing nature really draw my eye and brings out natural beauty. I'd bet that most men find them refreshing and adorable.”

9. They’re the female equivalent to a well-dressed man.

“The way men feel about women in summer dresses is the way women feel about men in suits.”


10. They give easy access.

“Sundress is one letter away from undress.”

11. They’re flattering on everyone.

“Got to love them. Flattering and almost every lady looks good in one.”

12. Sundresses bring out the happiness of those wearing one.

“I am a 100% homosexual man and I love when it’s sundress season. It’s like seeing flowers blooming, except that the flowers are also people who are joyful and happy and unique individuals.”

13. They drape around all the right places.

“The way the booty wiggles in a maxi dress is just chef’s kiss.”

14. They’re visually and emotionally pleasing.

“Aesthetic; wonderful

Mood of women wearing the sun dress; generally happy


Conclusion; what is not to love?”

15. Sundresses give off good vibes.

“What I like about them is that they are usually a happy garment that makes me think about happy and carefree summer memories. At a base level they just give me this wholesome vibe.

I mean I could talk about how they are flowy and often with brighter colors and can sort of look a bit like flowers, or how they show off just enough skin to be enticing but still retain that happy and wholesome vibe that just feels good you know.

It's like fresh strawberries, they are sweet but never really sickeningly so, and you can eat a lot of them without really feeling bad because they are also really nutritious.”


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