What Your Enneagram Personality Type Says About Your Greatest Strength As A Person

Here's how your personality can help you figure out your greatest strength.

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We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses. Weirdly, it's pretty easy to figure out the so-called flaws in our character. However, figuring out our biggest strengths can be a little bit tricky, and that's true for a lot of different reasons.

Primary among those reasons is the fact that we are taught from a pretty young age how important it is not just to be humble and self-effacing, but how important it is to project an image of the fact that you are humble and self-effacing. And luckily, an enneagram personality test can help reveal these traits.


While it's never ideal to go around boasting about how awesome you are (let's be real, even if it's true that noise gets really tired, really fast), there is nothing wrong with knowing your greatest personal strength. In fact, figuring out your greatest strength can help you figure out what you have to offer at the workplace, socially, and while you're at home. 

Nobody is perfect, that's absolutely true, but everyone has a gift whether they know it or not. And one of the easiest ways of figuring out what this gift of strength could be is by figuring out the enneagram personality types, and what yours is specifically.


Enneagram personality tests divide people into 9 distinct types. The test is simple on the surface, but it reveals great personal truths. If you want to learn what your enneagram personality type is, click here and take this quiz. Once you've done that, scroll down to see how your enneagram personality type reveals your own greatest strength.

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Here is what your enneagram personality type says about your greatest strength as a person:

1. The Reformer

If you are The Reformer personality type, your greatest strength is your ability to stay on task. Other people might be better at coming up with big ideas, but none of those ideas would ever come to fruition without someone like you to help, putting in the hard work and not settling for anything but the best.


Whereas others would crack under the pressure, you thrive, and it only makes you feel even more energized than ever before. 

2. The Helper

If you are The Helper personality type, your greatest strength is your ability to connect with others and form long-lasting and important friendships. In many respects, you are the mother hen of your crew.

You've got a big and gracious heart and that's the most on display when it comes to the loving care you take when it comes to maintaining your friendships. Don't discount this strength, it's one many people don't have! 

3. The Achiever

If you are The Achiever personality, your greatest strength is your ability to put together a look and bolster confidence. Insecurity is never an issue for you, because you know the right kind of armor you need to feel like the confident person that you are, and you apply it ever so well.


While others derive confidence from their achievements, you work from the outside in, cultivating a look sartorially that wreaks power and confidence. With that ensemble in place, the rest just sort of comes naturally to you. 

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4. The Individualist

If you are The Individualist personality type, your greatest strength is your totally one-of-a-kind worldview. You might struggle with this at some points during your life, feeling like the way you see the world makes you an outsider, but the truth is that presenting your unique perspective can actually be a way to help connect with people around you.

Use it well and you'll develop a reputation for being an eccentric problem solver, and who doesn't want that? 


5. The Investigator

If you are The Investigator personality type, your greatest strength is your keen intellect. Most people stop actively pursuing knowledge when they finish their education, but not you. For you, the whole reason you're alive is so that you might chase after all the knowledge out there that you haven't acquired yet.

This doesn't stop you from bonding with people either; in fact, having you at hand during a trivia night might make you the belle of the ball, or at least, of your social circle. 

6. The Loyalist

If you are The Loyalist personality type, your greatest strength is your ability to love. Everybody has a different force that drives them: for some it's money, for others, it's personal fulfillment, but for you, it is love, love, and love.

There is no more noble motivator, and you radiate it everywhere you know. You may be a little too protective of those you love the most, but this simply earns you a reputation as being a ride-or-die friend to have on your side, and what's better than that?


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7. The Enthusiast

If you are The Enthusiast personality type, your greatest strength is your ability to go with the flow. You aren't resistant to change in the least! In fact, some might say that you actually live for it.

When presented with the option to do something new, you don't get nervous, you run at it head-on, recognizing that change presents a serious opportunity for growth, and that's something you'll go for with zeal every single time. 

8. The Challenger

If you are The Challenger personality type, your greatest strength is your actual strength! I'm not talking about being loaded up with muscles (though you very well might be, I don't know your life). However, internally, you never back down from anyone for any reason.


If you spot an injustice being done, others might walk away or ignore it, but it's just not in your nature to stay silent. Your courage and the force of your personality make you a treasure. 

9. The Peacemaker

If you are The Peacemaker personality type, your greatest strength lies in the actual name of your enneagram type. You are the queen of compromise. You know how to get people with different opinions to learn how to see eye to eye.

You're at your best when you're acting as the force working to bring opposing sides together. From global disruptions to two besties arguing over who started a catchphrase first, you're the person to turn to. 

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