The Only Thing You Need To Keep By Your Bed To Absorb Negative Energy

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There is no technological way to measure positive and negative energy, but everyone knows what they feel like.

Energy can be internal or external. It can come from the people and circumstances you surround yourself with, or it can start in your own psyche.

When energy is negative, it can drain you, leaving you unable to perform at your best, physically and mentally. Negative energy also spreads, breeding more negative energy, so it’s important to stop it in its tracks so it doesn’t grow.

And one way to absorb that negative energy around you is to keep certain items at your bedside.

A TikToker named Symphie shared a video explaining a few ways to remove negative energy from your life before you go to bed. But there's one trick, in particular, that helps.

Keeping a glass of water is the one thing to have at your bedside to absorb negative energy.



Some believe that a simple glass of water near your bed can keep evil spirits from assaulting you at night. The water is supposed to scare the evil spirits and their negative energy away.

In Cuban culture, a glass of water not only protects you from evil spirits and negative energy, it also brings good fortune!

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Another suggestion of Symphie's is to avoid placing mirrors facing your bed, as they bring negative energy.

Mirrors pointed toward you while you sleep are said to open a portal to evil spirits who come to bring turmoil and despair to your life.

An Ancient Chinese belief is that mirrors in your bedroom are bad Feng Shui. The soul leaves the body when you sleep, so if there is a mirror, it may return there, instead of to its rightful place in you.

There is also the thought that a mirror facing the bed will bring infidelity. This is due to the idea that the mirror represents a third party in the relationship and is an invitation for someone to come in between the couple.

So, to keep negative energy at bay, make sure any mirrors in your room are facing away from your bed or are covered when it is time to get some rest.

Other Ways to Absorb Negative Energy

1. Putting a lemon under your bed can cleanse you of negative energy.

If you are already experiencing negativity and want to remove it from your life, try placing a lemon under your bed while you sleep.

Cut the lemon into four parts without separating it completely and sprinkle salt inside. Place it under your bed beneath where your heart will be and leave it there until the salt crystalizes.



2. Absorb negative energy with an onion by your bed.

Onions may not smell so great, but the benefits of placing one on the nightstand as you sleep are immeasurable.

Onions are believed to absorb negative energy, so if you are in a state of negativity, place an onion next to you while you sleep to transfer any bad vibes from you to it. Wake up in a more positive place.



3. Remove negative energy from your aura with an egg.

Another way to absorb negative energy is to crack an egg into a glass of water and slide it under your bed. This can pull negative energy from your aura and the room as you sleep.

When you wake up in the morning, take the glass from underneath the bed and pour the contents, along with any unwanted energy, down the drain.



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4. Place crystals under your pillow to protect you from negativity.

Crystals have magical properties that help put you in the right energetic space. There are many to choose from, and what you use depends on what negative energy you want to block.

For example, amethyst clears negativity while also manifesting strength and courage. Rose quartz reduces stress and promotes emotional healing, while labradorite purifies your energy and opens your chakras.

As a bonus, place rose quartz in the southwest corner of your bedroom to bring good energy to your relationship.



5. Repel negative energy and illness with pine cones.

Pine cones are not just for providing a good fragrance in your home around the holidays. Hanging one above your bed can keep sickness away.

This is more effective when practiced during cold months, so you get that all too familiar smell, and the added benefit of staying physically and emotionally healthy.



6. Metal chimes suppress bad energy while you sleep.

Another ancient Chinese belief is that placing metal chimes near you as you sleep, specifically a chime with five rods, will repel negative energy.

Use copper, brass, aluminum, or bronze for your chime, and not only will you keep away negativity, but you will also rid yourself of bad luck.

7. Tone down your bedsheets to get rid of bad energy.

Updating your bedsheets not only helps to get a good night’s sleep, but it can also transform your bedroom from chaotic to serene and bring in positive energy.

Bold and busy colors or patterns are related to disarray. Using a neutral color and pattern will shift the energy in your bedroom to one of calm and peace.

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