3 Hidden Ways Demons Can Secretly Enter Your Life

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Here are three hidden ways demons can secretly enter your life:

1. Mirrors across doors

This is a common mistake. Mirrors directly across doors create a portal.

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This portal has no gatekeeper. This means it’s an open door for anyone. This doesn’t always happen when mirrors are directly across from a door. But it’s still not very rare.

To fix this, you can move the mirror. Or you can cover it up with a blanket or cloth. 

In Feng Shui, the mirror doubles what is reflected. It’s in your best interest for you for your mirrors to not reflect anything unpleasant or dirty.

On the flip side, mirrors can magnify the positive energy of your home. Live healthy plants would be wonderful to be seeable in a mirror.

2. Used stuff and antiques

Used items carry residual energy from the previous owners/users. Depending on what you buy, there isn’t much of it.

A used video game isn’t constantly in the hands of its owners. People are almost always happy to play them. I’ve never picked up a lot of negative energy from a used video game.

But something like a used shirt or furniture is different. These items are often well-loved. They hold a lot of energy.

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Whether that energy is good or bad, it’s going to affect you.

Some spirits stick around objects they love or used often. This goes for both the good and bad spirits.

I know a spirit that sometimes hangs around his prosthetic leg. He died decades ago and is friendly. But whoever owns that prosthetic leg is most likely going to get visits from him for a long time. Luckily, my friend who owns it enjoys his company.

Demons can choose almost whatever object they like to use as a tool for haunting innocent people.

Use your intuition when making second-hand purchases. If your intuition gives you a bad feeling then don’t buy the item. You can always cleanse used items.

But the more powerful the spirit connected to the item is, the harder it will be to detach it through cleansing.

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3. Dangerous or bad places

Dangerous places have bad energy. Demons go to these kinds of places because they enjoy the negativity. They are also trying to find vulnerable people they can harm.

Humans aren’t the only ones who can become stalkers. Demons and other evil spirits can do this as well. This happened to me as a child and I had to face him as an adult.

If an evil spirit is stalking you, you’ll get the feeling of being watched. It’s a skin-crawling feeling you’ll never forget. I didn’t.

If you feel you are being stalked by an evil spirit or need any spiritual protection call on the angels. They can remove evil spirits from you or your environment.

But on the rare occasion they don’t, it’s because you need to learn a lesson first. Regardless, they will still help you as best as they can within your life path.

The angels love you and only want what’s best for you. No matter your past mistakes or religion, they will assist you.

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