What Your Hand Lines Secretly Reveal About How You Express Yourself

Your hand lines are gateways to your overall expressiveness.

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When people tell me they aren't very good at speaking up during a difficult situation or using their voice to speak their truth, I remind them that you can't be good at something until you practice it regularly. None of us are good right out of the gate when we venture into something new, and certainly when it involves speaking to another person about a difficult situation.

Nonetheless, you've been gifted with a voice to use. It serves you to use it, especially when you're being treated poorly, doubting your confidence, swayed to go in a direction you're not in agreement with, or even needing to end a personal or professional relationship when it's run its course.


I'd like to share with you some markings that can show up in your hands that can contribute to your fears, challenges, or doubts about speaking up and expressing your truth with people in your life.

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Here's what your hand lines reveal about how you express yourself:

1. Desire pollution

People with this marking are confused about what they want. They will take on the wants and desires of another person; therefore, it leaves them with the challenge of speaking up for their desires.

2. Armoring on the heartline

This is someone protecting themselves. Perhaps a deep hurt has taken place in the past. They might wonder, should I share myself? Is it safe to trust?


3. Hermit heartline

People with this heart line need to be sure they understand their feelings before they can easily express them. So it can take a while for them to speak up.

4. Romantic idealist heartline

Someone with this heart line will want to make sure what they say doesn't hurt someone else's feelings and will often hold back if they can't find the perfect words to express what they are feeling so they aren't misunderstood. This includes fear of rejection markings, such as a white spot on the heart line. No one likes to be rejected so one way to avoid that is to hide out by not revealing your most authentic self to others.



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5. Weak pinky finger

This is part of the communication zone of the hand. When this finger is weak, it shows up on the handprint crookedly or with parts missing. The person will struggle with the ability to express themselves in various aspects of their lives, both personally and professionally. The missing lower portion of a printed pinky indicates great difficulty expressing one's most intense feelings, and a crooked upper zone indicates the person has an inaccurate sense of self.



6. Weak lower thumb

This is the voice chakra zone. Other markings can keep you from speaking up and using your beautiful voice.



Life lessons that are determined in the fingerprints and curtail your relationships can be:

  • Reclaiming your power
  • Communication struggles
  • Establishing boundaries

Over the years, friends and clients have expressed to me they wish it was as easy for them — as it appears to be for me, in their eyes — when I share with them the language to speak their truth with another person from a place of confidence, understanding and with a peaceful heart.

With that said, I want you to know that it's not always easy for me to say what's on my mind when I conflict with someone in my life, personally or professionally. For years, I've worked hard to summon up the courage to open my mouth during some of the scariest times in my life. And along the way, I fumbled a lot. So much so that I had to say on more occasions than I can count, "I need a do-over. That didn't come out the right way. Please give me the do-over."

When I got the do-over, and it came out right, wow, it was an empowering moment. It's that moment I took with me into my next difficult situation, and the next and the next, until I had enough experience under my belt that I felt pretty good at saying what I needed to say — without falling all over myself, making someone angry, or being dismissed as though my words had no significance. Please don't mistake that with me not feeling nervous beforehand, because I often do.

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My ability and willingness to speak up during challenging times have gotten stronger over the years, and I contribute that not just to ongoing practice but also to the day I had my first-hand study; it gave me a deeper insight into myself and why I might hesitate to speak up during any appropriate moment.

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This list does not exhaust the possibilities, but when I see any of these on clients' live hands or their handprints, it helps me support them in a more exacting way so we get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible, helping them experience the breakthroughs and changes they are wanting.


No matter what your hands have to share, I know for sure you cause yourself great suffering by remaining silent. Your voice exists so you can be heard. I believe, in my heart of hearts, that you will better serve yourself and others when you are willing to practice speaking up and expressing your truth over and over again.

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Linda Salazar, the founder of Your Heart Is In Your Hands, is a relationship coach, author, speaker, and media personality.