5 Important Things Your Hands Are Telling You About Your Health

Your hands are trying to tell you something.

What Palm Reading & Palmistry Can Tell You About Your Health And Wellness by Ben White on Unsplash

Although palmistry — the art of reading your hand in order to divine truths about your personality and fortune — is often considered fantastical, there is a lot you can learn about your physical health by looking at your hands.

Your hands are, by extension, a part of you that is very revealing, from the condition of your skin and nails to the actual lines in your palm. If you’re suffering from problems in your personal life or even physical health issues, then the chances of discovering the source of it by checking out your hands is pretty good.


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Palmistry doesn’t require much knowledge in order to get started, and if there are truths you’d like to reveal about yourself, you can do it rather easily!

Here are 5 huge ways your hands will tell you that your health isn’t where it needs to be:


1. Your lifeline has breaks in it or looks weak.

Your lifeline is the single most important line on your hand when it comes to checking your overall vitality and stamina. It is the curved line that runs through the middle of your palm parallel to your thumb.

Despite what its name suggests, it doesn’t tell you how long you’ll live or when you’re going to die — although it can reveal some serious impediments in your physical and emotional health.


The line quality of your lifeline can be measured by the clarity, meaning how well you can actually see your line. When healthy, it’s the deepest, strongest, most obvious line in your hand.

This is what a healthy lifeline looks like:

There are no breaks and it’s incredibly easy to see. This is a strong, healthy lifeline.


However, you can also see what a “break” in the line looks like, which suggests a decrease in vitality at the point of the break:

Though the lifeline can be “dated” to approximate ages, this isn’t exact because lines can change over time, so it’s not definite, and with work, can heal.

This is an example of a very weak lifeline:


Notice that the heart line above it is actually showing up more than the lifeline? This means that this person’s emotions are greatly affecting their vitality — in a negative way.

If you also have a broken or otherwise weak lifeline, then it may suggest that you are in a position either mentally or physically, that is hurting you and it’s time for a change to make yourself happy and whole again.

This is an important line and should never be ignored, especially if you’re suffering from health problems.


2. Your fingernails are weak and/or easily broken

The quality of your fingernails and their overall health is actually an incredibly telling part of your current vitality and wellness. Problems in your physical health frequently show up in the fingernails before they show up anywhere else.

Simply put, if your nails are brittle, cracking, peeling, or otherwise weak, then you need to get yourself checked out by a doctor.


Other important factors in your nails are color, and whether or not you have “moons” on the base of your fingernails.

Your nails should be a healthy pink, which is a good indicator that all is well.

Here are other colors that may show up in your nails and indicate health issues:

  • Red: Suggests you have high blood pressure.
  • White: Suggests you have low blood pressure, circulation problems, low vitality, or possible nutritional deficiencies.
  • Blue: If your nails are blue at the base, you may have cardiovascular weakness or again, circulation problems (you aren’t getting enough of it).
  • Yellow: This could mean liver or gall bladder weakness. Yellow is frequently associated with jaundice in the body, which suggests endocrine problems.
  • Brown: You may have nervous system weakness or nutritional deficiencies that you need to address.

You’ll also want to look for “moons” at the base of your nails. If these are missing, it may indicate that your thyroid is under-performing and should be examined by a doctor. This is especially true if you’re constantly exhausted.


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3. There are a lot of horizontal lines in your hands


These are known as “stress lines,” and for very good reason.

Stress lines indicate a lot of emotional turmoil and suggest that the person who has them is greatly affected by their poor emotional state.

If you have stress lines in your hand, seek out a therapist or other qualified professional to discuss ways to improve your mental health and overcome these stressful circumstances.

4. The skin of your hands has unusual coloration to it

Just like your nails, your hands are going to reveal a lot of your heath pretty easily.

If the skin in your hands is off-colored (meaning too blue or too red), then you may want to look into talking with your doctor.


If your hands are very red, check your blood pressure because it could be high. Likewise, if your hands have a blue tint to them, then you may have some emotional issues blocking you, like depression:

If that is the case, please seek out a trusted professional to get yourself on a healthy path again.


5. There are “chains” in your palm lines

This is an indication that there are emotional issues causing a lot of problems in your life.

Like stress lines, it could suggest that your happiness and physicality is being affected by negative influences in your life.

You may even be holding onto things and don’t know how to let go, but all they’re doing is causing you pain.


All of these issues are important and should not be ignored. However, if you’re worried about what you see in your hands, then don’t stress.

The lines of your hands can and do change, and as you grow and address your physical and mental health issues, you’ll begin to see your hands indicating vitality, wellness, and health once more.

This article is not intended to diagnose or suggest treatment for any medical issue you’re facing. If you suspect that you may need help based on what you see, please seek out professional advice to make the changes you think are necessary!

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Cynthia Clark is a certified palm reading consultant and relationship expert, as well as the author of Stories in Your Hands. You can visit her website for a free heart line compatibility report here.