3 Ways To Not Attract A Man

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When you see a man you’re attracted to what do you do?

Do you have a plan for how to deal with men you’re attracted to? When you’re out and about, do you have a method for getting men to approach you?

Most women don't know what to do about men they’re attracted to. Whether you have a plan or not, allow me to share a few tips.

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Here are 3 ways to not attract a man:

1. Don’t look down at the ground or pretend you’re not attracted to him.

That never works.

When I look at a woman and she looks down at the ground, I think, “Hmm, what possibly could be down on the ground? Another man?”

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2. Don’t fake like you’re busy with something else.

Don’t look at your book. Don’t start a pretend conversation on your iPhone.

Here’s something a lot of women will do. A man will come towards them. They look at the man from a distance and instead of smiling at him to express they’re attracted, they’ll look at their phone and pretend they just got a text and allow the moment to pass.

Why? This is not going to get him to approach you.

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3. Don’t turn around and pretend you weren’t looking at him.

That’s what a lot of women will do — a lot of lonely, single women.

Don’t turn around and pretend like you weren’t looking at him if you were. That’s inauthentic.

I was in Whole Foods, and a woman was walking towards me. We locked eyes. I smiled at her. All of a sudden, she turned around and walked in the other direction like we were playing hide and seek.

So what did I do?

I found her down the next aisle and said, “Hey, I found you. Now it’s my turn to hide.”

She started cracking up.

So I walked away from her and “hid” in the next aisle. She circled and found me next to the organic kid's cereals. I playfully made fun of how she ducked away from me when I smiled at her.

In the end, we laughed and talked for a little while and ended up going out. We dated for about a month, and she was a lot of fun.

How silly is this childish game of hide and seek with people we’re attracted to? Most men are not going to be as confident as I was and go over and call you out on playing games.

Most men are not going to be able to walk over to you and say, “Hey, are there ants on the floor? What exactly are you looking at down there?”

Most men won’t do that.

So, turn these awkward moments into opportunities to attract men?



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David Wygant is a dating coach who spent the past 20 years helping men and women transform their love lives. As a lead writer for Ask Men and Huffington Post, his advice has been offered across television, newspapers, and magazines, including MTV, The New York Times, MSNBC, Fox News, Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, E! Entertainment Television, and more.