5 Secrets To Thinking Like A Man That'll Win His Heart

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What’s on and in a man’s brain

A reader asked me a question the other day that I need to address with everyone. She asked, “If I stare at a man, won't he think I'm coming on to him?”

Do you know what my answer was? So what?

It is said men and women are wired differently. It was the fact she wondered about this, though, that led me to see for some women to improve their dating game they need to learn how most men think about the pursuit of love.



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Here are 5 secrets to thinking like a man that'll win his heart:

1. Realize he is an immediate thinker.

I don't think about every tiny thing. If my elbow itches, I scratch it. If I have to blow my nose, I blow it. I don’t wonder why my elbow itches. Many men are like me and don't make these things any more complicated, so they likely won't notice subtle cues of interest from a stranger.

2. Know that he is not searching for the why.

I don't need to find the deep meaning (or assume there is any deep meaning) in anything. If your elbow itches, you might wonder, “Why does my elbow itch? Did I do something to make my elbow itch? Did I eat something that made my elbow itch?”

You might need to find the “why” for everything you do and everything that happens to you. “Why does this guy like me? What does this mean?

I don't think it means anything, and like many other men who think this way, a slight symbolic gesture that shows interest in them will be missed.

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3. Accept that he only sees the obvious

If you are attracted to a man, smile and look at him. But, more importantly, speak to him.

Many men need you to be obvious.

If you're obviously interested in talking to me, I will respond like a puppy. I often lack the focus to sit and wonder all night long what a casual two-second glance meant because I never noticed it in the first place. I encourage you to smile and start a conversation if you are interested in a guy.

4. Recognize his inherent shyness behind the mask of bravado

Anticipating a man's reaction to you based on how you think in the situation often is based on the assumption think a certain way about how you behave. Often, what we anticipate to be another person's thoughts is wrong!

If you look at me and smile, I am not thinking you’re easy. All I am thinking is you are looking at me. That's all! I am so glad you're being obvious enough for me to get it that I almost want to high-five you!



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5. Understand he is okay with you being obvious.

If you want to meet men, you need to think like a man but also interact with men based on this knowledge.

So, be obvious!

You'll send a clear signal to the men you are interested in, and they will respond. If you're tired of staying home alone on Saturday nights, you might want to change your approach to dating.

Meeting men is easier when you understand how a lot of men think about meeting women. If you want to learn about how men think, you need to talk with them. To talk with them, you need to be a captain of the obvious.

When you see a man you are attracted to, take a risk by smiling at him and getting him to come over with the powers of being obvious you are interested in him.

It's time to start being a captain of the obvious when interacting with men! If a man doesn't approach and talk to you, it is probably because you weren't obvious enough.

You can empower your dating life by being obvious, and you'll start improving your social interactions with men immediately.

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David Wygant is a dating coach who spent the past 20 years helping men and women transform their love lives. As a lead writer for Ask Men and Huffington Post, his advice has been offered across television, newspapers, and magazines, including MTV, The New York Times, MSNBC, Fox News, Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, E! Entertainment Television, and more.