6 Ways To Recover From A Painfully Awkward (And Totally Embarrassing) Moment

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embarrassing awkward moment

Whether it’s having toilet tissue on the back of your shoe or walking in on your parents "doing it", awkward situations happen all the time. They’re cringe-worthy, and, most of the time, you want to leave and never be found again after they happen.

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No one teaches you how to handle embarrassing moments. You just blush and try to hide your face from the world.

Though, awkward moments can actually help you figure out who you are. There is something so pure about not knowing what to do. It’s the idea of being lost in a moment because there just wasn’t a solution at the time.

Being awkward isn’t bad. It just means that you don’t go with societal standards. Still, it’s hard to be different sometimes.

Below are the top six ways you can regain control of any awkward situation!

1. Laugh it off.

You know how Taylor Swift sings Shake it Off? The only difference is that you’re going to laugh off all the worries and embarrassment you may be feeling. It takes real courage to be able to laugh off your own struggles. Even if you don’t find the situation funny, fake it like you do. Someone who has the guts to just laugh at themselves is truly stronger than they know.

2. OWN IT!

If someone asks you “remember that time when…?” don’t deny that something happened. Let the world know that you’ve not only grown from the situation but that you’re a brand new person because of the awkwardness. Don’t let other people put you down.

3. Embrace the awkward.

Take initiative to embrace the awkward. Let other people know that you’re human and that you're 1000% sure you’ve been in a sticky situation. Tell your truth before you let someone else do it.

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4. “Yeah, and?”

The best part about confronting an awkward situation is getting to look it in the eyes and say “you’re not going to run me today.” Being in an awkward situation is rough, but don’t deny that it isn’t happening. Just shrug and move on with your day.

5. Remember that every moment is a learning curve.

Always try to remind yourself that there must be some greater lesson to be had when it comes to this awkward situation. Sometimes, you just have to ride out the moment and let it be.

6. You’re in control — just breathe.

No one can make you feel inferior unless you let them. Always try to breathe and keep yourself calm if you feel like you’re in an awkward situation. Try to back yourself out of it if you can.

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