10 Ways To Avoid Being A Creepy Girl (And Freaking Him Out)

These behaviors can give off a creepy vibe.

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Guys can tell you that there is a female version of a Nice Guy. They are Creepy Girls — the girls who don’t realize how inappropriate they’re being.

Much like the way that girls avoid Nice Guy behavior like the plague, being a Creepy Girl is a surefire way to stay single and celibate. This is primarily true because people who act this way are often going through serious issues and are therefore not healthy partners.


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Worried you’re coming off as creepy rather than cute? Here's some dating advice to help you avoid being the girl who doesn’t realize how creepy she’s being with guys.

Here are 10 ways to avoid being a creepy girl, and freaking him out:

1. Don’t push him for sex right off the bat

I admit, I’m guilty of this from time to time. But it didn’t actually occur to me how messed up it was until I realized it was just as creepy as when guys do it.


Going from 0 to 100 on sex is a good way to seem desperate, sketchy, and possibly rapey. Don’t do it.

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2. Don’t get grabby

You know how girls don’t like random guys grabbing them? Well, believe it or not, a lot of guys won’t take kindly to girls randomly grabbing them, either. This is particularly true if he has made it clear he’s not interested.

3. If you’re not getting positive signals, stop trying to wheedle them out of him

If he says he’s not interested, then listen to him. You know how you can’t stand when guys keep trying to pursue you when you’ve told them to buzz off? Yeah, guys don’t like the awkwardness of rejection, either. So, don’t force them to reject you repeatedly.


4. If a guy says he has a girlfriend, it’s a no-go

Girls, this is men’s way of letting you down gently. Do not try to make him cheat, and do not try to push the subject. Doing so will just make you look sleazy, desperate, and, if you think about it, downright sad.

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5. You can’t demand an explanation for why he doesn’t see you as long-term material

Trust me when I say I totally understand why you want to ask why. We all wish we knew what made us just fall short of “wifey material” in peoples’ eyes.

But here’s the thing: asking why just doesn’t come off well. It’s cringey. It’s awkward. And it’s one of those things that makes you look like a person who doesn’t take no for an answer. Sadly, that makes this creepy behavior.


6. Don’t “randomly” show up where he is

Yes, they can see through that. Just like you can see through that one creepy neighbor who always mows the lawn while you’re sunbathing, they can figure out that you’re acting a little stalkery. I’ve known a lot of girls who have done this, and it never looked good.

7. If you feel like posting something about how lonely and single you are on Facebook, walk away

Yes, we’ve all been there at one point or another. But if you want to find a boyfriend, desperate pleas for pity sex and pity dates won’t do you much good. If anything, it’s a blistering red flag for any guy to see. If you can’t trust yourself online, get a friend to take over your social media.

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8. If you text a crush, text him like you would your best friend

Seriously, don’t go all awkward with your language. Adding too many emojis, weird questions that would put a guy on edge, or just putting him on a pedestal will make you look like a female creep.


9. If a guy steers the topic away from sex and dating, take a hint

When we’re really into someone, it’s very common to just go overboard with sexual innuendo. It can almost be like verbal diarrhea.

If you notice him really not acting interested in talking dirty, or if you notice him delaying sexy time, just drop the subject. He’s probably creeped out and not interested.

10. Above all, don’t sabotage birth control to try to “keep a man”

This is the ultimate creep move women can pull, and it’s also a form of rape. If you do this, you need to get yourself some professional help.


You can’t force someone to stay with you, and doing this is hurting every single party, including your potential offspring. Seriously, don’t do this unless you want to ruin three peoples’ lives. 

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