Drive-Thru Worker Tells Elaborate Lie To Get Long Line Of Customers To Leave

July 4th brought a massive wave of customers to McDonald's, and one employee was not having it.

Isiah explains how busy his McDonald's location is for a holiday. @lylflare / TikTok

A recent video uploaded on TikTok stirred up the internet, revealing a glimpse into the frenzied life of a McDonald's employee.

A worker, named Isiah, was enveloped in a whirlwind of panic over the sudden influx of hungry customers during the 4th of July. In a hilarious move, he devised a plan to curb the crowd.

The video went viral, amassing over 2.4 million views and a wave of support for the difficulties minimum-wage employees face during a rush.


A drive-thru worker told an elaborate lie to get the long line of customers to leave.

Isiah's recording captured a seemingly never-ending queue of cars lined up at the McDonald's drive-thru, waiting for whatever meal they were craving after a night out. Overwhelmed, Isiah recorded himself, vocalizing the stressfulness of the situation.



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"There's still people coming. There's still orders going through. There's like 20 cars outside, like 50 Big Mac bundles," he said. 

Many of us have been at a McDonald's drive-thru when we heard the fated words, "the ice cream machine is broken." So, he joked that he was going to attempt to dissuade customers by saying that "the food got roaches in it."

As the video went on, Isiah continued to practice the lines that he'd tell the hungry customers, speaking to himself, "We ain't got nothin'." At the end of the video, he questioned his next steps and how McDonald's is still such a popular destination. 

Photo: TikTok / @lylflare


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The video stirred a flurry of reactions in the comment section. One person used a pun on the company name to describe how Isiah was feeling. "He's McStressing," they wrote. "I'm McMad," Isiah responded, clarifying.

Other comments echoed similar experiences to Isiah's.

"TODAY WAS SO BADD. Survivor of working McDonald's on 4th [of] July," one person wrote. Another noted that they were taken aback by the rush, stating, "I really thought it was gonna be slow." "[F]ourth was more killing than any other day," another added.


Despite the business, Isiah stood his ground. 

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It appeared the worker ended up not choosing to lie to the customers after all.

In a follow-up video, Isiah showcased the calm after the storm: the drive-thru line finally empty. He joked that McDonald's crews' success could be wholly attributed to his leadership, stating, "If it wasn't for me running the store, none of this would have happened. I carried this store."



His co-workers, however, seemed less amused as one could be seen swatting him with a paper bag as he was bragging. 


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"Thank you. I wanna say thank you to all my fans, all my followers, all my friends," he said. He even gave a "thank you" to his manager, Aaron, who flashed peace signs as Isiah recorded him. 

Despite the comedic nature of the video, Isiah brought light to the grueling reality of working in the fast-food industry, particularly during a holiday. In addition to that, a place like McDonald's, which doesn't offer tips to their hardworking employees, makes business especially unrewarding.


So, whenever you're at a McDonald's or any other fast food joint, especially during a holiday, being polite and kind will surely go a long way in making the employees' shifts more manageable.

On top of being hilarious, Isiah's video offered a newfound appreciation for those who work to bring us Big Macs, McFlurries, and any other food we're craving late at night.

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