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Woman Wonders If She's Wrong For Going On Vacation Without Her Boyfriend Because He Forgot His Passport

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Relationships are never easy and one woman is seemingly starting to realize that sooner than others. 

She took to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA-hole” (AITA), where users from across the internet ask for advice on a conflict in their lives, to ask if she was in the wrong for going on a vacation she was supposed to take with her boyfriend without him.

The woman explains why she left her boyfriend behind to go on vacation with friends. 

The woman and her boyfriend (Paul, who’s 27 years old) have been together for three years, only recently deciding to move in together.

“Paul has serious problems with forgetting important documents and after the fourth time he did this, I became responsible for carrying our documents in my purse,” she explains. 

“According to him, all documents have a digital version and that is enough but not all are digital (passport) and not all places accept the digital form; he is stubborn and maintains this position. I don't mind being responsible for the documents and most of the time, I have them in my purse.”

However, that arrangement suddenly became an issue when Paul called her because he needed physical documents that were in her possession. 

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“He gave me a huge scolding, saying that their documents should be at home and told me to stop ‘holding’ his documents,” she said and ended up complying, handing him everything back and warning him that she wouldn’t be responsible anymore for these documents. 

The situation finally boiled over when the couple and their friends decided to go on a New Year’s vacation that required a passport. 

Come the day of the flight, the couple stayed at their friend’s house closer to the airport since their house was over four hours away. 

The group decided to go to the airport early to relax and when checking to see if she had all her documents in order, Paul looked over and realized she only had her stuff, not his. 

"I always make a list for our trips of what to take, his passport was on the list and he still forgot it," the woman clarifies.

“He panicked, saying he thought I had taken even more passports as usual and left it at home,” she said. “He decided to run home and come back. He went to get his passport (but complained that this was something to remember him by) and I went with my friends to the airport.”

Unfortunately, Paul didn’t arrive on time and she decided to get on the flight with her friends. 

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When landing, she was berated with text messages by Paul asking her how she could do such a thing and leave without him. 

“The flights are all booked up or too expensive, so he probably won't come. He's still accusing me of leaving him behind after purposely not remembering something I know he struggles with.”

Most Reddit users agree the woman was in the right.

"He wanted his documents back. You gave him his documents back. He forgot his documents," says the comment with the most upvotes.

As one user pointed out, it's his responsibility to remember these things.  “NTA. You aren’t his carer or his parent.”

While you can help your partner as much as possible, the woman clearly communicated that she wouldn't be responsible for his documents anymore — and it isn’t her job in the first place to ensure he has everything ready to go. 

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