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8 Uncomfortable Signs The Universe Is Preparing You To Receive Your Manifestation

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Manifestation is a concept rooted in the belief that you can bring your desires and goals into reality through focused thought, intention, and energy. However, the process requires so much more than just hoping and praying that your dreams will come true. 

To achieve your manifestations, there are some changes that you need to make in your everyday life. We may not realize it, but a stagnant routine can block certain manifestations from becoming a reality. 

Here are 8 uncomfortable signs that the universe is preparing you to receive your manifestation. 

The signs were shared on Instagram by manifestation expert, Buko Cetinkaya. With over 17 years of experience in manifestation and numerous success stories from clients, Buko has faith that if 8 specific changes occur in your life, there is a high chance that your manifestation is coming true. 

“Not always, but often, certain things happen in a person’s 3D reality before a ‘bigger’ manifestation occurs,” she captioned her post. 

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1. A 'huge internal shift right before your manifestation appears' 

“Change is the only constant, and thus we are always changing, a little bit every second,” Cetinkaya shared. “However, it is often the case that just before a ‘larger’ manifestation appears in our physical reality, we undergo such a significant internal change that many people are astonished by themselves.” 

According to Cetinkaya, one’s “internal change” can involve feelings of calmness, balance, and being centered internally. Due to these positive feelings, one can have a more positive outlook on life, which can speed up manifestations. 

Research suggests that having a positive mindset and feelings of calmness and balance can bring about your manifestations. Thinking positively inspires the belief that you have the ability to make things happen. 

2. 'Suddenly having weird urges to declutter your apartment' (or home)

Cetinkaya wrote that in her 17 years as a manifestation expert, she has noticed one common thing that happens to people just before their manifestations enter the physical world: they tend to clean out and declutter their living spaces.

“This act of clearing out old stuff creates space for new and allows fresh energy to flow in,” Cetinkaya wrote. “By letting go of the old, we create a vacuum that nature / the universe is filling in with new things.” 



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Manifestation expert Trish McKinnley echoed Cetinkaya’s claims and shared three important areas in your home that you should focus on cleaning if you want your manifestations to come true. 

  1. Your front door: “Make that front door sparkle — front and back,” she said. “As you wash, you clear away all negativity and leave a clean surface to welcome prosperity and give it smooth entry through your doorway. Pay special attention to the doorknob, as anyone with negative energy who touches it may transfer some of that negativity into your door.” 
  2. Any objects that are taking up unnecessary space in your home: “Look at everything in your home as taking up ‘prime real estate,’” she revealed. “Everything you own is either increasing or decreasing your vibrations. Pick up and sort all piles of clutter.” 
  3. Your mirrors: “Wash away the spots and dirt on all your mirrors while imagining each speck as limitations from your past,” she explained. “Swipe over the mirror again with excitement knowing you’re creating a clean slate for manifesting your dreams.” 

3. 'Releasing people from your life who are not in alignment' 

We are often told to achieve some of our goals, whether it be getting the promotion we’ve been after for a long time or moving forward with our significant other, that we must cut out people in our lives who have no goals or aspirations for themselves. 



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“Similar to point no. 2, people often also do a spring cleaning of their social circle, many people start distancing themselves from those they’ve just been tolerating,” Cetinkaya shared. “They cut ties or significantly reduce contact with these individuals, making room for the universe to bring in new people who are often more in alignment with them and who often are related to their upcoming manifestation.” 

4. 'You start to look different' 

“Many people start changing their appearance, such as suddenly wanting a new hairstyle, going to the gym to change their body, or wearing a different style of clothing,” Cetinkaya wrote. “This desire for change might seem superficial at first, but it’s actually a symptom emerging from a deeply rooted state of consciousness.” 

When someone makes changes to their physical appearance, they may be doing so to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin. A higher self-esteem is said to be a significant factor in making your manifestations come to life. 

8 Uncomfortable Signs The Universe Is Preparing For You To Receive Your ManifestationPhoto: hedgehog94 / Shutterstock 

With a positive self-image, you do not limit the beliefs you have in making your goals a reality. 

5. 'You perceive extremely unusual synchronicities' 

Just before a manifestation comes to life, one may experience “rare and unusual synchronicities.”

“These aren’t typical synchronicities like seeing repeated numbers,” Cetinkaya explained. “But rather events like meeting someone new who ‘coincidentally’ offers exactly what they thought they needed for their manifestation.” 

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Cetinkaya added that in her own personal experience, people often spot a “green meteor” three times before their manifestations occur. 

So if you have a particular manifestation in mind, such as attending your dream school and you happen to run into a recruiter in a public setting, just know that it is likely not an accident, and the universe knows what it is doing. 

6. 'People from your past show up and/or you meet new people' 

“Often, the universe sends us old or new people who carry important messages for us, messages we need to hear for the final step toward our manifestation,” Cetinkaya wrote. “We might receive these messages consciously or subconsciously, but they all have one thing in common: they trigger further changes within us.” 

Cetinkaya explained that these changes can range from anything to moving to a new city, or mental changes in our thought patterns or beliefs. 

8 Uncomfortable Signs The Universe Is Preparing For You To Receive Your ManifestationPhoto: fizkes / Shutterstock 

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New or old people often come into our lives with a purpose. However, we may not know that exact purpose. But the universe does. 

Maybe someone from your past appears to help give you the closure you need to heal and move on. Someone new may come into your life to give you a new perspective. 

Whatever the reason may be, you are moving closer toward your manifestations.

7. 'Your priorities are shifting' 

“A common example is that the individual is no longer hyper-focused on the manifestation but begins to shift their focus to other areas of life,” Cetinkaya shared. “That happens because the person starts to detach from the outcome. It’s a natural part of manifestation that always happens when the person gets more and more in alignment.”

Obsessing can lead to attachment to a specific outcome, creating a mindset that your happiness or well-being is dependent on that particular manifestation. Detaching from the outcome and trusting that everything will unfold as it should can bring a sense of peace and ease to the process.

Taking some space from your desires surrenders the "how" and "when" of the manifestation process, allowing the universe to bring your desires to you in the most appropriate way and timing. 

8. 'Things that scare you don’t have the same effect on you anymore'

“Throughout the manifestation process, you gradually let go of your fears as you continuously work through them,” Cetinkaya wrote. “Eventually, your former fears and triggers no longer scare you.” 

“At this point, people begin to feel neutral or even good despite the echoes from the past appearing in their physical reality, because they are stabilized in the state of the wish fulfilled, and they have learned tools to handle these fears without suppressing them.” 

Fear is often linked to limiting beliefs, such as self-doubt or feelings of unworthiness. Becoming fearless in manifestation involves challenging and overcoming these limiting beliefs, allowing for a more open and expansive mindset.

If you don't experience these signs, that doesn't mean your manifestation isn't about to enter your life.

Cetinkaya stressed that not everyone will experience these signs, even if your manifestation is about to enter your physical reality

“I have often observed them in myself and my clients, but I have also seen that people have manifested ‘bigger’ things without being able to see any signs beforehand,” she explained. “Please be aware of this and don’t put yourself under pressure!” 

If you are interested in exploring manifestation, it's essential to approach it with an open mind, consider different perspectives, and determine what resonates with your beliefs and experiences. But most importantly, believe that you have the power within you to change your life.

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