The 1-Hour Cleaning Hack That Makes Tidying Up Less Daunting

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With so much on our plates, that last this anyone wants to do is spend an endless amount of time cleaning our homes.

As the "to-do list" grows, cleaning up falls further and further down in priority. And when we finally get to it, the process can be overwhelming.

But what if there was a way to get your house clean without getting overwhelmed?

TikToker Renee Alyse Bell shared her one-hour cleaning method for taking her home from sloppy to spotless.

What is the one-hour cleaning method?

The one-hour cleaning method is a tidying technique that involves setting a timer for one hour, cleaning as much as you can in that time frame, taking a break, and then repeating the same one-hour cleaning window.



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If you’re like most busy homemakers, you know that a small load of laundry can turn into a massive mountain in no time at all. Tasks like folding clothes, scrubbing toilet bowls, wiping down kitchen counters, and cleaning hardwood floors can easily cost your entire day.

But the one-hour cleaning method helps you break it down into smaller tasks that are easier to accomplish.

How To Use the One-Hour Cleaning Method

Aside from setting your timer for one hour and scouring your home for dirty dishes, laundry, and other messes, there are a few tips to keep in mind when you try this really effective technique.

1. Create a list.

This step is not mentioned in the one-hour cleaning method, but it is definitely necessary before you get going.

Make a list of every single task that must be done to attain a clean home. Prioritize your list in order of importance, with the must-do tasks closer to the top and the ones that are not timely near the bottom of the checklist.

You might want to place areas with high-visibility at the top of your list, especially if you are expecting company.

A checklist can help inspire you to keep going as you cross off each item. It will show you in writing that you are making progress and push you to keep going.

2. Set a timer for one hour.

The first step in the one-hour cleaning method is to set a timer for 60 minutes — no more, no less.

During that time frame, identify the items from your list that you can complete within an hour and get going. Be as quick and efficient as possible.

The idea is to work as diligently as you can to complete the tasks you have selected before the clock resets.

3. Take it one room at a time.

One of the most efficient ways to maintain a clean home is to take it on one room or area at a time. Going back and forth between two rooms creates a need to remember what has or hasn’t been done.

If you instead complete one entire area before moving on to the next, you can drop it from your workload and avoid revisiting it until next time you clean up.

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4. Listen to music.

Try listening to music, audiobooks, or any sound that you enjoy while cleaning. It will help you get through the workload in less time and make it more enjoyable.

Try to avoid watching television or doing anything that requires you to divert your attention from the work at hand.

5. Be intentional about keeping your space clean.

The worst thing that can happen after investing so much time in cleaning up is to find it right back in the same state soon after.

Involve your family in the process or let them know what you went through. Set rules on what needs to happen on a daily basis to maintain cleanliness.

Remember that it took time for your house to get this way and it might take time to clean it. It is okay to take more than one day to get the job done.

6. Take a 30-minute break.

After completing an hour’s work, it is time to rest and rejuvenate. During this rest period, do something you enjoy like taking a walk or spending time with your family.

Once that 30-minute time frame is up, start the same process over again. Switch back and forth between working for an hour and resting for 30 minutes.

If you still feel that the mess in your home is too big to tackle, try breaking the cleaning-resting cycle up into smaller chunks of time to give yourself more breaks.

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