7 Signs You're Communicating Telepathically With Your Twin Flame

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Twin flames are a little different than soulmates. Twin flames are essentially one soul that has been split into two and put in separate bodies, like identical twins.

These mirrored souls have intense emotions and a deep connection that heals and challenges them at the same time. Twin flames are there to help you become the greatest version of yourself.

The twin flame soul connection is unlike any you’ve seen before. Both people know each other down to the depths of their beings and feel like they complete one another. They mold one another into that which they hope to become.

Telepathy between twin flames might sound unbelievable but is definitely possible.

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What is twin flame telepathy?

When twin souls connect, they develop the ability to communicate telepathically.

True twin flames have a karmic bond that holds them close. It is similar to the telepathic connection that some sets of twins report experiencing.

The twin flame telepathic connection is a feeling that you are connected to your higher consciousness. It’s your intuition telling you that something major is about to take place.

Twin flame relationships are clear right off the bat. The energy between the parties involved creates intense emotional interactions and they are drawn to each other like a moth to a flame.

As both continue down the twin flame journey, the kind of telepathy they have grows strong and is always mutual. They develop psychic abilities as it relates to one another.

7 Signs of Twin Flame Telepathic Communication

You might feel as if you have found "the one" in your physical life, but how do you know if you’ve found your twin flame and have created that telepathic connection you seek?

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1. You reach out at the same time.

In this day and age, social media is the most popular way of connecting. If you and your suspected twin flame’s souls are brought online at the same time, it’s a strong sign you are seeking each other.

2. You share the same thoughts and emotions.

A common theme with twin flame connections is that you tend to experience the same thoughts and feelings, even when separated by distance. The more this happens, the stronger the telepathic communication becomes.

3. You have the same dreams.

We forget most of the dreams that we have on a daily basis. But if you start keeping a dream log, you may find that you and your twin flame are frequently having the exact same dreams as a form of telepathy.

4. You have a gut feeling.

Twin flame telepathy starts with a feeling. Your intuition tells you that this is someone special, even if they are someone you might not typically choose.

5. You’ll have unexplained coincidences.

If you start noticing patterns, images, numbers, or other things that remind you of your twin flame, you may be communicating with them telepathically. The universe is sending you signals and messages.

6. You find yourself feeling insecure.

One of the negative sides of twin flame telepathy is insecurity. Because they mirror back your flaws and blind spots, you can easily become insecure when communicating with your twin flame.

7. Your connection is magical.

A psychic twin flame reunion is like magic. You have found the half of yourself that was missing, and the intense connection is almost too good and too deep to be true.

If you have spotted the signs and believe you and your twin flame have a telepathic connection, know that this is an opportunity to experience hyper growth and to better understand yourself.

You will take a journey together toward exploration and discovery of self. Beware of the negative emotions that will bubble to the surface as you peel back the layers, but know it is all for the greater good.

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