6 Tiny Habits Of People With The Least Drama In Their Lives

Take a page out of their books, and live life drama-free.

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Life’s too short for unnecessary drama. And yet, most of us do things that invite it into our lives, minds, and bodies. This ages us twice as fast and cuts us off from the dreams we always had. Let me show you how to reduce the drama...

Here are 6 tiny habits of people with the least drama in their lives:

1. They protect their energy above all else.

It’s easy to forget to prioritize the one thing that keeps us happy and motivated: our energy. We focus on the things we think we "should" spend time on — pleasing people, those emails, that "important" project. And we end the day exhausted with no time to reflect on why.




You need to relocate your balls and put yourself first again. Note what drains your energy and cut it out. Replace it with energy boosters and be brutal with how you negotiate this time. If you need to go through life dragging yourself around, what good is that for the rest of us?


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2. They understand the ‘Law of Interference.’

Drama-free people know that suffering is experienced to the degree you try to interfere with the natural order of both your circumstances and your mind. When chill people have anxious thoughts, they allow them to run freely and get back to what they were doing. They don’t try and interfere using worry. They don’t bother others either — that invites reciprocated grief. Leave Jake alone, and he’ll level out into an angel.

3. They ignore bad behavior.

Whether it’s a child, family member, or a partner, the knee-jerk reaction to bad behavior for many is to react. We fuss and scold, and we yell. Our strategy to reduce drama is bringing more of our own. This will only prompt further pushback in the cheeky little recipient most of the time. It isn’t always easy, but withdraw your attention in the face of mischief while rewarding good behavior. This is to hold a dominant frame that requires zero force.

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4. Don’t try to change others

Most of our drama revolves around our interactions with other humans. So when someone does stuff we don’t like, trying and forcing them to change is a surefire way to turn your life into a nightmare. There is tremendous relief in knowing you aren’t required to change anyone. Instead, focus on developing yourself into a beautiful and inspiring creature, and others might be inspired to follow.



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5. They turn stressors into spiritual practice.

For those unavoidable potential stressors, whether unruly family members or a demanding work assignment, you need to work a special kind of magic here. Instead of allowing external factors to stress you, find a way to USE them for personal and spiritual growth. If someone is difficult at the office, thank them because now you have an opportunity to remain calm in the face of drama — this will lead to real growth.


6. They master their tolerance to uncertainty.

Much suffering emanates from our natural longing to know what the future holds. If there is uncertainty around an upcoming interview or the week ahead, we create drama through pent-up anticipation and verbal complaints. Find the courage in you to do what only the most enlightened few do: let go of needing to know. Find trust in your built-in knowing in each moment, free of grasping for a control that will never come. Find faith in the Universe guiding you through, as it always does. This is how to live a life of peace.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.