If You Dream About Any Of These 3 Ominous Things, Consider It A 'Warning' In Your Real Life

Don't underestimate what your dreams are telling you.

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Many dream interpretation experts and spiritual leaders in shared communities have their own thoughts about what our dreams mean. They often point to specific themes that can provide insights into our relationships with others, struggles in our daily lives, and subconscious thoughts in our brains. 

Chicago-based spiritual reader Mystic Memo on TikTok shared some of these interpretations — pointing to three specific dreams that could be "warnings" you should not ignore. 


If you’re dreaming about any of these 3 things, consider it a ‘warning’ for your real life: 

1. Violence or some violent act

Our dreams can often help us make sense of our realities, even if it’s in strange or unconventional ways. While most of us would brush off a violent dream as simply a nightmare, Memo argued these experiences might offer more insight.



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“This dream will usually mean that there’s something or someone around you trying to control you,” Memo said. “However, you are escaping, and because you are escaping, they’re trying to plan how they’re going to get you back … how they’re going to keep using you.” 

Typically, “violent” dreams of this nature are physical depictions — with some kind of weapon or physical contact being the main narrative — but that’s not to say that verbal or emotional abuse is not also a kind of “warning.” 

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In addition to this dream interpretation, dream analysis experts also suggest that these kinds of “violent” dreams can indicate unresolved trauma. They could be both a “direct representation” of said trauma or just a manifestation of all the big feelings attached to it—like sadness, rage, or frustration. 

Of course, we don’t always remember our dreams in their entirety—or even at all. Try to work through how they make you feel upon waking without immediately diving too deep into an analysis. 

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2. An animal bites you unexpectedly

“These are people in your waking world who are doing things to you behind your back,” Memo suggested. “They’re purposely trying to hurt you; who are purposely conspiring against you. They might even be talking [expletive] about you.” 


Other dream experts, like naturopath practitioner Christopher Sowton, suggest that dreams of animals biting you can evoke feelings of a loss of control and indicate change and discomfort in our lives. These unsettling interactions with an animal, like a dog, can feel intense and often have several different interpretations depending on the context. 

“An animal ally is appearing to force the dreamer to adopt and develop a new set of behaviors,” Sowton explained. Because the dreamer is resistant to this kind of behavior, the encounter is tense and threatening at first.” 

Whether this be a sign of change in your professional life or a sense of discomfort with poor habits in your personal life, these unsettling and ominous dreams don’t necessarily have to be a dire warning but rather a sign of an upcoming transition. 


3. Hearing someone tell you ‘wake up’ during a dream 

“This one tends to be more creepy," Memo explained. "If you ever hear someone or something tell you to ‘wake up’ in your dream, you better wake up!” 

While some experts say these sudden “wake-up” dreams are a “call to action” for change in your life or a sign of imminent danger in your restful state, many agree that they’re relatively vague and unique depending on the dreamer.

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Many viewers in the comments shared their own experiences with this sinister dream phenomenon. “My husband passed away,” one wrote, “and almost every night for a week after he passed, I heard his voice telling me to wake up.” 

So, the next time you wake up with a dream you can’t shake, consider documenting it somewhere safe. 

This is particularly important if you struggle to remember your dreams just moments after waking up.

Many experts suggest using a dream journal to capture all of your sleeping memories, just in case you want to dive into them deeper down the road — looking for symbolism, communication, or even a warning. 


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