A Personality Test That Tells You What Men See When They Look At You

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However it happens, it happens: you see a person, they see you, and your guts do the splits because you are basically seeing little cupids circling their head, which means that you now have one critical thing left to find out before the two of you can begin your love story: Does he have the same sort of feeling going on right now? 

What a man sees when he looks at you for the first time is something loads of us would pay good money to find out. But no ordinary personality test or personality quiz can always help. 

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If he's just ogling your chest or staring a minute too long because he thinks you've met before, knowing what a man thinks when seeing you could save you a lot of hassle. Plus, if he's thinking "schwing" just the way that you are, isn't that something you'd want to know quickly too? One less hurdle to be jumped on the road to happiness. 

This free personality test and optical illusion are designed to help you figure out what men think when they see you for the first time. Simply look at the image below, pay close attention to the first thing that you see in the image, and then scroll down to read about how what you saw first reveals the way that men really feel about you the first time that they see you.

Go ahead and try it — you know you're curious.

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If you saw the gorilla first when you looked at this image, the first thing men think when they see you is "damn." They don't know whether or not they want to marry you or turn around and run as fast as they possibly can.

That's because you give off an intense sense of power, strength, and confidence everywhere that you go. Don't change a thing about who you are. Just be aware of what you put out into the universe. 


If you saw the lioness first when you looked at this image, the first thing men think when they see you is that you're a woman with a secret to hide. They find you alluring and interesting, and they will naturally make their way to you, eager to find out more information about this unique creature who has emerged out of the night and come into their lives. 

They're right! You're complicated and dynamic and cool, but you're more than a mystery for them to figure out, and don't let them forget it. 


If you saw the tree when you looked at this image, the first thing men think when they see you is... not a thing. That's because you sneak up on people. A man might see you in a crowd and totally look you over. That's not because you aren't fly and hot and awesome, it's because you keep a low profile. 

Don't sweat it; first impressions have been made into a bigger deal than we all know that they really are. 


If you saw the birds first when you looked at this image, you're the kind of woman men look at and immediately think they've got to talk to you. You sparkle and chirp and fill your days with happiness, and you love being social and connecting with the people around you. 

It's natural that men are drawn to your charms, just don't let them get in the way of helping you make other meaningful connections. 

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