10 Little Things You Should Experience In Life

Soak up everything life has to offer.

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To make the most of your life, here are ten things you should experience, that you won't find on most bucket lists. 

Here are 10 things you should experience in your life:

1. Establish a favorite restaurant and learn everyone’s names

It’s the little things that often go a long way and having someplace outside your work and home you can feel comfortable in is one of those little things. Get involved a little bit with the people around you.


2. Indulge in someone else’s story

The best place to do this is a Retirement home. Find someone who has lived far longer and more than you have and indulge them in their life story. Ask them the tough questions, about their dreams, regrets, the advice they have to give, and hear them out fully. Not only does this make them feel valuable but it will also give you a perspective that could change everything.

@hunterprosper Every stranger has a beautiful story, let’s start reading @werenotreallystrangers ♬ where is my mind - jewel O_o

3. Overcome a fear

If you are afraid of heights go bungee-jumping, if you are afraid of snakes ask a snake owner if you can hold theirs and if you are afraid of rejection play the “No” game. Go into a situation with the sole intention of breaking your fear and overcoming it.


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4. Work 24 hours straight

Pick a Saturday or a Friday (just a day where you have nothing to do the next day) and work through the night. If you do not have anything to work on that is work related then work on yourself. The point of this is that you prove to yourself that you can overcome such feelings as tiredness, boredom, or exhaustion through willpower. It’s an amazing experience in personal power.

5. Spend a week without any electronics

If you cannot do a week anytime soon at least spend 24 hours without any electronics. Go outside, read a book, and break some of those old habits you got sucked into.

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6. Spend a slightly uncomfortable amount of money on you

Not on your comfort or quality of life but on yourself as a person. Go to a big Seminar, get yourself a small Self-improvement library, or hire a coach to get you to be more of the person you want to become. The best investments you can make are always in yourself because it’s an investment that will last a lifetime; literally.

7. Go on a real adventure

Do not make a plan to go anywhere and simply go. See what happens! Get the first flight, bus, or train out of where you currently are, no matter where it goes, and take a brave step to just explore.

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8. Help a stranger

Don’t just throw a nice amount of money their way. Sit down with them and care about them. Make a difference in their life! Talk to them, get lunch with them, or even help them find a job. Whatever you can do that invests in them and shows them that somebody cares. Sometimes that’s all we need.


9. Purchase from a small street vendor

The smile you put on their face will be priceless, especially if they look like they need it.

“How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.” — Morgan Freeman

10. Make a to-do list to achieve your dream

Iron out the details for once. What would it truly take for you to achieve your dream? The more detailed this plan is the more real it gets and you’ll see that you are far closer to your dream than you thought.


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