4 Ways To Overcome Fear & Rediscover The Sacred Right Now

You don't have to live in fear.

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Learning how to overcome fear takes a little work, especially when it's almost impossible to avoid the noise of panic, rage, and greed in the world.

It comes at you fast and furious through radio, T.V., and social media.

You probably don't have the luxury to go into the wilderness and go off-grid. Many of us can't even afford to go off social media, because we rely on it to promote our businesses.

When under stress, you can be blind to the sacred. But the good news is that the sacred is everywhere.


You don't need to be part of any religion to experience awe.

What have you experienced as sacred? Perhaps, it's the holy in nature, music, art, creativity, play, religion, spirituality, and more.

As you attune yourself to the sacred, you will experience it more and more in ordinary life. You will have more moments of clarity, recognizing something so ordinary is so extraordinary.

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Here are 4 ways to learn how to overcome fear and rediscover the sacred right now.

1. Practice gratitude.

We all have something to be thankful for. Maybe you're thankful for food, shelter, family, friends, plumbing, a healthy body, and more.

Take time, at least once a day, to remember your blessings.

As you become more thankful, you can't help but see the beauty and miracle of life.

If you have a child, stand in awe of them as you watch them grow and learn. Or maybe you have a pet, so soak up the unconditional love of your furry friend.

Appreciate the miracle they are. Notice how you feel when you're in their presence.

2. Discover your passion.

What brings you joy? What brings out the best in you?


When you love what you do, whether at work or play, can change the way you see the world. When you get to do what you have a gift for, you access your inner power.

Passion comes from deep within you — your creativity is contagious. Your excitement for life helps others to find that within themselves.

Your passion for life is like a beacon of light. The more you shine, the greater awareness you will have for the sacred in the world.

You will not only discover the sacred for yourself, but you will help other people to find the same thing for themselves.

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3. Build your presence.

Presence is all about living in the moment. You like most people spend most of your time in the past or future.


The more present you can be, the greater the access you will have to body, heart, and mind wisdom. As you learn to live in the moment, you will make better choices.

You will be open to experiencing the sacred wherever you go. Your heart will become full of gratitude.

You will live with wonder for the miracle of ordinary life — you will become aware of the many things you take for granted. Nothing will seem mundane.

Nothing will seem boring. You will experience joy in ways that you never thought were possible.

4. Love.

This is about love in the most profound way possible. It's about loving yourself, first. It's about recognizing your purpose.

When you love yourself, you expand your capacity to love others.


Loving yourself is all about recognizing the miracle you are and acknowledging your own worth. It's about learning to accept that you have worth just for being you.

Once you can begin acknowledging your worth, you can see the worth in every person you meet, even the people you do not like.

In time, you will begin to recognize your own sacredness.

You discover the radical truth that every human, every form of life on planet Earth is holy, even the inanimate parts of this world are sacred.


Yes, the world is experiencing chaos. But, this doesn't need to stop you from connecting with the sacred. The more you connect with the holy, the more significant the energy flow will be in your life.

Connecting with the sacred starts with a choice.

Once you decide to go on your journey towards the holy, the more you will recognize the miracles of life, the harmony beyond our dreams, the beauty of diversity, and the incredible love that lives within every person.

Learning to connect to the sacred through practicing gratitude, discovering your passion, building a presence, and loving will help you live fully, despite the difficulties you experience in the world.

Staying attuned to the sacred will help you to make sense of this crazy world. It won't take away the pain, but it will help you with never losing hope.


You will find a lightness to life that will help you dance through all the complexities and difficulties of life.

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