6 Things Women Wear That Turn Men Off

There are some things men will never understand about women, and that's what we choose to wear.

Last updated on Jul 10, 2023

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Fashion choices leave men baffled. 

Fashionistas everywhere have been up in arms because of the trend of wearing leggings as pants. But slowly, we (and they) have succumbed, and leggings have become such an integral part of the fashion culture that a new vocabulary has developed.

Enter "jeggings."

What are they? Jean leggings and this gal has a pair in her dresser drawer. Unfortunately, her husband isn't as enamored of this new look, and his bafflement is fair enough.


Fashion trends like this have been cropping up for decades, leading women everywhere to plunk down big bucks on items of apparel that just aren't ... well... necessarily flattering, and leading men to wonder what in the heck we're thinking. (Caveat: Wear whatever you want, ladies — never let a man dictate your style or what you want to wear — we're just the messenger.)

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Here are 6 things women wear that turn men off:

1. Maxi dresses

Long skirts and flowing, summer dresses make us feel ethereal and princess-like, and often inspire us to twirl about when no one's looking. Plus, they're comfy as hell. But what are men thinking when they see us in a skirt down to our ankles? To summarize: "Where are her legs!?"

2. High-waisted belts

We wear them because they can accentuate (or create) an hourglass shape. But he just thinks they make us look like Santa Claus.

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3. Giant sunglasses

Those humongous, round sunglasses popularized by the likes of Nicole Richie sort of make us look like giant bugs. At least that's what he says. And we tend to agree: It's not a great look, and we wonder how it ever caught on. 


4. Gauchos and capris

Or any type of cropped pants, because wearing them makes us look as if we're fishermen, or perhaps even pirates. Gauchos have an additional strike against them by also looking like pajama pants. No wonder we love them so much! We love wearing pajama pants!

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5. The bulk of your footwear

Crocs. We hated them, too... at least at first. Because, well, they're ugly. But you know what? They're incredibly comfortable, and make us feel as if we're wearing flip-flops year-round. And those two things are worth all the ugly in the world.

As for our gladiator sandals, men just don't understand them ... unless they're paired with screamingly high-heeled gladiator sandals. Because they're hot. Never mind that they're also painful.


6. Your granny panties

Yeah. We still have a few pairs of those hiding out in our underwear drawer.

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Steph Auteri is a freelance writer and editor. She's been featured in Playgirl, Time Out New York, American Curves, New York Press, Nerve, and other publications.