10 Subtle Signs It's Definitely Time To Leave Your Job

Make sure you know what you're doing before you quit.

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In this environment, with companies making difficult workforce decisions due to the pandemic, it’s no surprise many people are thinking about quitting before the decision is made for them.

But is quitting your job a good idea? Is now even a good time? Do you wonder if you will find anything better?

It can be a challenging decision, and you might think that you have no business leaving because you have a good job while other people are out of work entirely.


The truth is, if you’re unhappy getting up each morning to go to work and dread Sundays because Monday is right around the corner, you might be justified in thinking of quitting.

By the same token, if you realize that you’re living someone else’s dream, working at it for one more day could send you over the edge. So, maybe now is the time to make a move.

Taking a realistic assessment of your situation will help you weigh your options and come to a decision that feels right for you at this point in your life.

What is it about your job? What do you like and don’t like?

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Here are 10 subtle signs it's time to leave your job:

1. Are you feeling undervalued?

You may be in a situation where you’re good at what you do and your company sees that.

So, they reward you with more work and no appreciation.



2. Are you overqualified?

With reorganizations and downsizings, you might be offered a downgraded position just to keep your job and job security.


But that may put you back in an entry-level position, far below what you did before or what you’re capable of doing.

3. You're at a salary cap for your position

You may have been with the same company in the same job for several years.

Consequently, you reach the top of the pay grade for that position. This is an excellent reason to start thinking about quitting.

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4. Do you feel like you need a new challenge?

If you’ve done the same thing for a while and you’ve held several jobs within the department or even the company, you might have tapped out the opportunity for continued growth in your field.


5. Is your work environment making you uncomfortable?

Are there many situations within the workplace that you find unpleasant, even toxic? These may be very personal and need to be evaluated as such.



What makes you uneasy or feels awkward may be perfectly fine for someone else. That doesn’t mean you have to tolerate it. 

Quitting because of an uncomfortable, toxic work environment is entirely reasonable. 


6. Do you feel your soul being sucked out of you?

There's something wrong if you feel this regularly. You may have loved the job when it started, but now you hate getting up in the morning.

Plus, you're unmotivated, uninterested, and indifferent.

7. Are there personal obligations that make it difficult for you to work?

Your parenting responsibilities may have changed, your parents or a loved one may need caregiving, or health concerns for yourself may have developed.

These are all good reasons to think about quitting and making a change.

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8. Is a better work-life balance important to you?

The workload and hours required to get it done have exceeded your limit to meet all your other obligations — and there's no end in sight.


9. Could it be that too many things have changed at work and it’s not the same?

As companies grow, people come and go, and management styles shift — many things can change.

On the other hand, companies may downsize, and that’s a change of a different kind. The culture, values, and mission may no longer align with who you are and what you want for yourself.

10. You found a great new opportunity

Once this happens, the "thinking about quitting" can stop. Now, planning your graceful exit with dignity can begin.


You've found a new role that is in total alignment with your goals, values, passions, and purpose. Bravo! It’s the most satisfying reason to quit your job.

If one or more of these reasons to quit resonate highly with you, it might be time to give some thought to what resources you need to put in place to facilitate your move into a new adventure.

Before you leap to writing that resignation letter, get your ducks in a row, have a plan, research your options, and know what you’re leaping to, so you land on solid ground.

Thinking about quitting is just the beginning of this journey, understanding why you want to leave is the next leg, and finding the best opportunity that feeds your soul is the destination you seek.


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María Tomás-Keegan is a certified career and life coach for women and the founder of Transition & Thrive with María.