7 Subtle Shifts That Will Give You A Massive Life Upgrade

Change your behavior and mindset for massive life improvement.

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It can sometimes feel like we’re running on a hamster wheel. I know the feeling. It’s worse when we can’t explain why and don’t have a clear route forward. But often, the thing we need the most isn’t some huge and drastic overhaul. It can be a very subtle shift. It can even appear superficial to those who don’t give small changes a try.

Here are 7 subtle shifts that will give you a massive life upgrade:

1. Sharpen your clothing

Tidying up how you dress will set you apart in this lazy modern world. Most people put so little effort into their outward appearance that the bar is low. Iron your shirts. Wear clean shoes. Ditch the sweatpants in public. Take some pride in what you wear. This isn’t so much about what others think; it's about molding an identity for yourself: one of a spectacular hero who cares about themselves and has high standards. Sharpen how you dress, and you will sharpen your life.


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2. Be bold

Look around you — most people appear to be receiving regular docile booster shots. Not you. Make it a habit to never hesitate in any action you take, no matter how uncertain you are. Be assertive and own your moves. This speaks the language of a winner, and you will be surprised how your life changes by simply being bold.


3. Never hurry

Many of us have so much on our plates (our fault, not society’s) that we compensate by trying to rush through everything. Stop that immediately. Do you realize you’re making life way more difficult because you rush? You wind up watering down the effectiveness of any one action, and you’re more likely to screw up. Never hurry, unless it’s an emergency. It makes life easier, but it also signals to others and yourself that you’re competent, of higher status, at ease, and take responsibility for your life.

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4. Talk less

He who speaks less is rewarded in several ways. Firstly, you are less likely to put your foot in it by saying something silly. Secondly, your speaking less inevitably means you start prioritizing action, which is the secret to getting ahead. Stop telling everyone about your plans, get off your behind, and do things. Thirdly, speaking less creates an air of mystery around you that is attractive and interesting.

5. Optimize your physical appearance

I always say that trying to ‘stay fit’ is dull and dissuades me from wanting to keep healthy. Instead, focus on developing the best, most attractive body you can given the cards you were dealt. It’s much more exciting to sharpen your physical look and develop elite fitness without shortcuts. This results in being more attractive, creating more opportunities in your life, while, of course, being in a healthier, more energized, more productive state.


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6. Be less emotional

Emotions reflect the state of our thinking at any given moment. If we have an angry thought, we have an angry feeling. It doesn’t necessarily mean we need to follow our feelings and erupt in a rage. Learn to breathe through moments of anger and remain stoic. The happiest and most successful people have emotional control. They don’t take all their emotions so seriously and keep things light. That’s all you need to do.

7. Crown yourself

Robert Greene once said: “Do not wait for a coronation; the greatest emperors crown themselves.” This means that instead of waiting for permission to raise your standards and be respectable and dignified, you make it happen yourself. Many of us take on all these labels and stories about who we think we are, often foisted onto us by society and whatever’ social class’ we’ve found ourselves a part of. It’s all smoke and mirrors. 


Success is internally driven. You can’t decide exactly how life progresses, but you can choose how you carry yourself through the journey. You create who you want to be, moment by moment. It can sometimes feel like a push to get past these illusionary boundaries. But all you need to do is step up, and show us that you mean business. The world will follow what you do and how you do it when you don’t back down.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.