Are You The Quiet One? The World Needs More Of You

While everybody else is screaming, we need to learn the power of whisper.

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The world is tired of the loud ones.

The braggy ones.

All talk and no action.

Feeding their overinflated egos with their own talk, a balloon about to burst and smear words all over us.

We want the quiet ones. The thinkers, the doers, the game-changers.

The introverts who do their work in silence and leave us speechless with their results.


The ones who know how to listen and can hold your hand when things get tough and the world is in pieces.

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In a society run by extroverts, we need to relearn the power of turning within. The intensity of calm, of keeping still, breathing deeply, and listening to the rhythm of the universe.

While everything around us is loud, we need to find the strength to look within and find ourselves. While everybody else is screaming, we need to learn the power of whisper. And instead of fighting, we should look for connection.

Instead of adding to the burden on the shoulders of the world with more demands, and a desperate need for attention, let’s help it put it down and relax. Meanwhile, you can do the same.


Focus on the value you give rather than the value you take. 

The world needs peace. Connection. It needs people who think and act rather than talk and sell. It needs meditators and mediators.

The tech bros who still don’t have a podcast, the CEOs who are focused on humane leadership, the undervalued teachers who make the world a better place through education, the painters who color the world, the musicians who connect people with the divine, the vets who dedicated their lives to the voiceless.

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People who silently toil over the minutia and magic of everyday existence. 


They are not community builders, politicians, salespeople, or marketers. They are the foundation of the world. The ones you never hear about.

The small businesses that make home-baked cakes, the fathers who stay home with their newborn babies, the single moms taking care of three children, the overworked Uber drivers who don’t speak your language, the magicians, the healers, the silent heroes.

We need to give before we receive. Long before we receive. And we need to learn to stop bragging about it. To let the good come to us.

It’s not fame and success that makes us whole. Any unhappy celebrity with a huge mansion and millions of fans and followers can tell you that. 


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It’s nothing but a loud and crazy race towards nothingness that you can’t seem to get out of.

The quiet ones know that. That’s why they’re not out there wasting time impressing everybody else but forgetting about themselves.


That’s why they’re at home, working in silence until they have something valuable enough to show to the world. That’s why it takes 10,000 hours of work to be a master at your craft. Because it takes work and inner strength to be great. Mastery is silent. Insecurities are loud.

Are you the quiet one? The world needs more of you. Silence is power.

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Mona Lazar is an unapologetic writer, unconventional relationship coach, and wild dreamer with words published in Better Humans, Medium, Illumination, The Soulciety, Newsbreak, The Startup, Hello, Love, The Good Men Project, Curious, and others.