21 Stylish Ways To Tie A Scarf

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With fall here and winter fast approaching, that means it’s time to wrap yourself up and get to grips with the different ways to tie a scarf. You don’t want to look like an outfit repeater all winter long with the same tired look!

These different scarf knots can shake up any outfit and can be applied to muffler scarves, blankets scarves, infinity scarves, silk scarves — essentially, scarves of any length or color.

21 Ways to Tie a Scarf

These styles aren’t just about showing women how to tie a scarf — men can wrap themselves up in this classic accessory too, trying out decorative styles. But first, it's important to learn all the different ways to tie a scarf to keep you stylish this season.

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How to Tie a Long Scarf

Long scarves can be awkward to wear and difficult to style. While the extra fabric is there for warmth, the long ends spend most of their time unraveling in the wind and blowing into our eyes.

While many of these styles can be used on shorter muffler scarves, these scarf knots will tie long, flowing scarves into place.

1. The Basic Loop Scarf

Simple and classic, this style is a practical way to keep your neck warm and your outfit stylish.



1. Drape the scarf unevenly around the neck, so you have one side that is longer than the other.

2. Loop the longer end around once or twice until the two ends sit evenly on your chest.

2. The Knotted Loop Scarf

This keeps the ends of your loop from flailing around in the wind and adds a decorative touch. (It's the first style in the video below.)

1. Make the Basic Loop, then make a loosely tied knot at one end of your scarf.

2. Pull the other loose end of the scarf through the top of your knot, pulling it upwards to tighten.

3. The Loop Through Scarf

For a more snug fit, try this option.

1. Fold your long scarf in half and place it around your neck.

2. Reach your hands through the looped end to grab the loose ends, threading them through.

4. The Pretzel Knot Scarf

This is a more decorative take on the boring old loop.



1. Create the Basic loop, then pull the center away from your throat so it sits loosely in a loop at your chest.

2. Twist one side of the loop over the other so it makes a figure 8.

3. Place one of the loose ends of the scarf into the bottom of the figure 8 by pulling it over the center loop.

4. Place the other end through the figure 8 by pulling it from underneath.

5. Pull on the ends and push the loop upwards to tighten into a knot.

How to Tie a Blanket Scarf

Getting out of bed is hard enough on warm days, but on dark winter mornings, it takes a lot to ditch the duvet.

Blanket scarves are the perfect way to ease the difficult transition from your bed to the outdoors by giving you all the comfort and coziness of your duvet without having to drag your bed clothes around with you all day.

5. The Shawl Scarf

Sometimes the best ideas are the obvious ones. Blanket scarves were made to be worn like this.



1. Drape the scarf around your shoulders.

2. Hook it over your elbows to hold it in place.

6. The Oversized Kerchief Scarf

This is the perfect bulky cover-up when you need warmth or just want to cover up your lazy day outfit.

1. Grab two opposite corners of the blanket scarf, making a triangle shape that will sit on your chest.

2. Wrap each end around the back of your neck, crossing them over one another.

3. Pull the ends around to the front and tuck them under the triangle.

7. The Skirt Scarf

Skirts don’t have to be ditched in winter. Tying your oversized blanket scarves into a chic wrap skirt is one sure way to keep those legs warm!

1. Fold your scarf diagonally just as you did in step 1 of the Oversized Kerchief.

2. Wrap the scarf around your back so the triangle part sits at the back of your knees.

3. Wrap one of the loose ends around your waist, keeping it under the rest of the fabric, pulling it as tightly as you can until it is tucked into place near your lower stomach area.

4. Wrap the other side diagonally downwards, pulling tightly, so that the end sits as a tail near the back of your legs.

5. Fasten each of the ends into place with a safety pin. You could also add a belt for extra security.

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How to Tie an Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves solve all your windy day problems by creating one connected loop of fabric that won’t fly off into different directions. This opens up a whole world of possible styles that are easy to pull off.

8. The Infinity Loop Scarf

The classic infinity scarf is made to be worn in the simple but cozy loop.

1. Simply place your head through the large loop and twist the bottom of the loop to make a figure 8.

2. Place this second loop over your head to make a fitted scarf collar.

9. The Instant Infinity Scarf

Don’t own an infinity scarf? You can make any scarf into an infinity scarf with this knot. This will open you up to many more infinity options included below.

1. Grab the two ends of your long scarf and tie them into a knot.

2. Loop the scarf over your head so it hangs as a large circle from your neck.

3. Twist the loop in the middle to make a figure 8.

4. Put your head through the second loop and you’ll have your infinity scarf.

10. The Infinity Bow Scarf

This is a good way to disguise the excess fabric that often hangs from infinity scarves. A loose bow looks chic and saves you from having to bundle your scarf into your jacket.

1. Place the scarf around your neck in one large loop.

2. Working with just one side of the scarf, gather half of the material and tuck it under and around the top half, tying it just the same way you would tie your shoelaces.

3. Your scarf should now have one large knot near your shoulder. Pull fabric from each side of the knot to shape it into a bow.

11. The Headscarf

Infinity scarves also make for great hair coverings that are quick to throw on. You can choose to leave your hair loose under this or fasten it under a hair cap for extra modesty.

1. Poke your head through the hole in the infinity scarf, leaving the top of the scarf laying over your head.

2. Take the remaining loop, which should be sitting on your chest at this stage, and cross the two sides over each other to make a second loop or half a figure 8.

3. Put this loop over the top of your head so it winds up sitting at your neck.

4. Fasten the scarf into place by adding pins to the side or in your hair.

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How to Tie a Silk Scarf

Silk scarves are a glamorous take on a winter accessory that can be worn all year round. But this delicate fabric cannot be treated like any old wool scarf.

To make the most of your silk scarves, here are some knots to try out.

12. The Classic Scarf

This is a simple take on the classic silk scarf knot that you’ll see worn by flight attendants.

1. Place your scarf on a flat surface and fold it diagonally to form a triangle.

2. Fold over the long part of the triangle in multiple 3-inch folds until you form a long-shaped scarf.

3. Drape the folded scarf around your neck with the two ends sitting on your chest. Tie the end to make a knot at your throat.

4. Form a second knot in the same place to securely fasten. The ends of your scarf should now sit in a glamorous knot.

5. For an added touch of elegance, twist the scarf slightly to the side or tuck it into a fitted blazer.

13. The Bow Scarf

If your silk scarf is a little longer, you might find this classic knot doesn’t neatly disguise the ends. This bow is great for longer silk scarves and adds an extra something to your look.



1. Follow the first 3 steps from the Classic Scarf. Once you have one knot, loosen it slightly to make room to feed one of the loose ends through the knot until just an inch or two of folded fabric sits outside the knot. This will be one half of your bow.

2. Pull down to fasten and then repeat with the other end.

3. Once both sides have been partially looped through the knot, tug on each side of the bow to tighten.

4. You may have to fluff up and fan out the fabric to create the bow shape. Play around with the fabric until it's your desired shape, and position the scarf to the side or at the center, depending on your preference.

14. The Bandana Scarf

Silk scarves can also be the perfect hair accessory to disguise bad hair days.

1. Fold your scarf diagonally to make a triangle shape.

2. Take the long part of the triangle and fold it over once it's in a fold that’s about the width of 3-4 fingers. If your scarf is very large, you may need to make multiple folds.

3. Leave your scarf to the side and section your hair depending on how many loose strands you want in your finished look. You’re going to want to leave your bangs or some framing strands loose around your face.

4. Tie the section up the back section of your hair with a hair tie.

5. With the folded section facing down, place the scarf on your head so the triangle part falls to the back.

6. Wrap the ends around your ponytail and tie a double knot underneath the hair.

7. Remove your ponytail and style your hair as you wish.

How to Tie a Scarf For Work

Offices, with all their open space and glass windows, aren’t always the warmest places once the summer ends. Since winter scarves can look sloppy and unprofessional for work attire when you’re not tying them right, these scarf knots will help you add a subtle flare and a lot of warmth.

15. The Turtleneck Scarf

This can blend seamlessly in with a matching sweater and looks neat and professional. This works best on shorter, muffler scarves and lightweight scarves.

1. Line the seam or center of your scarf up with your throat and drape the loose ends over your shoulders.

2. Cross the ends over each other in the back and pull them around to sit on your chest.

3. Loosen the loop around your neck as desired. You’ll need some wiggle room but the neatness of the final knot depends on how tight you leave this loop.

4. Tie the ends of the scarf into a single knot, fastening it under the top loop. Use the fabric from this loop to tuck in and cover the knot.

5. You can leave the ends loose or twist and tuck them into the looped part also. If you want an even tighter, neater look, start this process by twisting the entire scarf into a cylindrical shape.

16. The Neck Tie Scarf

Shown here on a shorter scarf, this knot can be used on any length of scarf as a great alternative to a traditional work tie.

1. Drape the scarf around your neck so one side is longer than the other. This longer side will create the knot.

2. Bring the longer end over the top of the shorter end, then wrap it around and under, creating a loop.

3. Feed the longer end up and into the loop to tie a knot. Tighten the knot and push it upwards like you would with a tie.

17. The Cardigan Scarf

For work-wear, a cozy scarf can double up as a cardigan. This can add a pop of color to dark office attire.



1. Drape your scarf around your shoulders like you would with a shawl.

2. Spread out the fabric so your upper arms and upper back are covered.

3. Belt the scarf around the waist to fasten.

18. The Scout Scarf

This neckerchief style combines all that is great about shawls and scarves into one glamorous accessory.



1. Drape your scarf around your shoulder so the two ends sit at your chest.

2. Tie a double knot right at the top of these two ends so the whole scarf sits as a shoulder cover.

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How to Tie a Scarf into a Shirt

Scarves aren’t just for necks! How annoying is it when you find the perfect patterned scarf but the weather is too warm to wear it? These easy knots and ties will help you create the perfect scarf shirt to wear for any occasion.

19. The Vest Scarf

This is a casual take on a shawl scarf that’s a little more secure and easy to throw on. It works best on a long, lightweight scarf.

1. Hold your scarf by opposite ends at its longest points. The rest of the scarf should be hanging down as a rectangle.

2. Fold the ends together so you have one folded side and another side with your two loose ends.

3. Take the folded end and the other side, and tie them into a small but tight double knot at the top of the scarf.

4. Now you should be able to separate and open the fabric to reveal two arm-holes. Put your arms through these sleeves and you have a stunning scarf vest!

20. The Crop Scarf

For warmer days and nights, this is a cute and casual bandeau-style crop top. This works amazingly with larger silk scarves or any lightweight scarf.

1. Fold the scarf into a triangle and hold the long side so the point faces down.

2. Wrap the ends under your armpits so the ends are at your back.

3. Tie a double knot at the back.

4. You have an option here to twist the top around so that the triangle is at your back, for more of a bralette style. Once you do this, spread out the fabric on either side of the knot so your chest is appropriately covered.

21. The One-Shoulder Scarf

If you want a little extra security, try out this one-shoulder crop top that keeps things in place a little better.



1. Fold the scarf diagonally to make a triangle.

2. Wrap the scarf around your upper neck so the ends are at your front and the point of the triangle sits at your middle/lower back.

3. Wrap one end of the scarf around your chest and tuck it beneath the rest of the scarf just below your armpit. Make sure the end is sticking up out of the scarf so it’s easy to grab and tie later.

4. Now, wrap the other end across your chest, pulling it up and across your collarbone so it can go over your opposite shoulder.

5. Tie the two loose ends together at your back, between your shoulder blades.

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