20 Best Infinity Scarves To Keep Your Neck Warm This Winter

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20 Best Infinity Scarves To Keep Your Neck Warm This Winter

With winter here, there's no doubt we're desperate to stay warm but still fashionable. And for people trying to add a punch of versatility to their wardrobe, an infinity scarf can be a great start.

Infinity scarves are generally a larger scarf with a closed loop of fabric that can be worn in all sorts of ways — traditional loop, double loop, pull through, and hood. Thanks to all the variations, it’s like adding many pieces to your wardrobe and adding layers.

Scarves for women are a hot commodity, so why not pick an infinity scarf that's perfect for your wardrobe?

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1. M.M.LaFleur Infinity Scarf

The coziest everyday scarf, this beauty is made of lightweight merino wool. Wrap it twice around for a nonchalant look, or three times to keep winter blizzards at bay.

(M.M. LaFleur, $65)

2. BP. Faux Fur Infinity Scarf

There's no need to go infinite lengths to get luxe warmth and eye-catching style when you've got this faux-fur infinity scarf to do both for you.

(Nordstrom, $20.98)

3. Vince Teddy Wool & Cashmere Infinity Scarf

A stay-put circle scarf is knit from a cozy blend of Italian yarns featuring warming wool and luxe cashmere.

(Nordstrom, Sold Out)

4. Jocelyn Genuine Rabbit Fur Infinity Scarf

Indulgently soft and infinitely cozy, this genuine rabbit-fur infinity scarf complements almost any cold-weather look.

(Nordstrom, $150)

5. BP. Space Dye Knit Infinity Scarf

Chunky yarns elevate a cozy infinity scarf in a colorful space-dye knit.

(Nordstrom, $20.98)

6. Canada Goose Waffle Stitch Wool Infinity Scarf

A thick waffle stitch knit in plush wool yarn makes this infinity scarf smart and stylish for cold weather.

(Nordstrom, $175)

7. Love Token Faux Fur Infinity Scarf

Love Token offers scarves featuring luxurious fabrications such as cashmere and silk cotton, plus genuine fur and faux fur. Its styles are softly romantic and elegant, and this infinity scarf is both warm and fashionable.

(Nordstrom, $99)

8. North Face Knit Infinity Scarf

With a geo pattern on the outside, and soft and cozy fleece on the inside, this chunky infinity scarf will keep you toasty on the slopes and stylish on the street.

(Nordstrom, $40)

9. Dimore Women Tartan Plaid Infinity Wrap Scarf

The scarf is long enough to wear around your neck or just draped low. It's ribbed and has a loose knit weave, so you may want to keep it away from jewelry or any clothing it can snag.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

10. Lightweight Knit Infinity Circle Loop Scarf

Super cozy and warm wool knit loop circle-scarf, this works great as a shawl, head wrap, hijab, stole, blanket or light cover. Just wrap a pashmina around your shoulders for a touch of warmth, or tie it around your neck for the casual panache. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

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11. Your Smile Infinity Circle Loop Cowl Scarf

It's soft and feels comfortable around your neck with no itchiness. It's perfect for to dress up any outfit, and is warm yet light so it can be worn indoors and outdoors.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

12. Funky Junque’s Beanies Matching Ribbed Winter Warm Cable Knit Infinity Scarf

Be warm and trendy in the cold winter weather with this beautiful unisex infinity scarf. Wear as a neck warmer with matching hat, gloves, or winter coat, and be ready for the snow.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

13. NEOSAN Womens Thick Ribbed Knit Winter Infinity Circle Loop Scarf

NEOSAN chunky infinity scarf weave is soft, stretchy and generously sized. The various colors work well with clothes, increasing layered and colors, enhancing overall design, and making winter less dull.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

14. Bowbear Soft Touch Winter Warm Tartan Infinity Scarf

A soft and stylish scarf to keep you warm, this scarf features a colorful checkered pattern that will match any outfit. Wear the scarf double looped or long. Either way, it's the perfect accessory for keeping warm while looking fashionable.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

15. Scarfand Plaid & Tartan Winter Infinity Scarf Wraps

The material is thin and breathable, but warm and cozy when layered. The fabric is translucent, allowing some light to shine through. Plus, the plaid checkered pattern comes in shades of navy blue, rust brown and cappuccino off-white.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

16. Women's Shimmer Sparkle Infinity Scarf

Stylish and fashionable, this black multicolor infinity scarf has shades of black, silver, eggplant, pops of turquoise, and shimmering metallic gold threads. It's lightweight, soft and versatile, and pairs well with any outfit. The material is soft viscose blend, and is ethically made and sewn by hand by artisans in India.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

17. C.C Women's Winter Cable Knit Sherpa Lined Warm Infinity Pullover Scarf

Super soft, comfortable, and warm, this infinity scarf has sherpa lining. That means you'll stay extra cozy with the classic cable knit design.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)


This chunky knit infinity scarf has a really cool ombre design and a rainbow of colors, making it easy to match with the rest of your wardrobe.

(Shopbop, $245)

19. Hat Attack Lodge Loop Scarf

The soft Hat Attack scarf features an easy-to-style infinity silhouette and go-with-anything color. Plus, its soft-knit fabric makes it comfortable.

(Shopbop, $82)

20. Jocelyn Printed Longhair Rabbit Knitted Infinity Scarf

A luxurious way to stay warm all winter long, this Jocelyn infinity scarf is crafted in super-soft fur. It's so cozy, you'll never go outside without it!

(Shopbop, $198.75)

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