5 Simple Makeup Ideas Guys Love

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Hailey Bieber dewy makeup look

From the original Snooki-inspired orange glow to the chic burgundy lip to the heavily lined edgy eye, when it comes to turning guys on, trendy makeup looks never do the trick. The beauty equivalent of the UGG, on-trend eyes, lip shades, and heavy foundation is never the key to a hottie's heart. Even though it would have worked when we were in the eighth grade.

If you really want to turn up the heat on your next date, give your inner beauty junkie a rest and opt for a simpler, more low-key makeup look. He'll definitely appreciate the fact that you took the time to glam up for him and that you didn't go overboard with it either.

Although all guys are different, barely-there, au naturel makeup will usually win over a high-maintenance beauty routine, so give the neon shadow a rest and stick to your palette of neutrals.

With the exception of a well-executed smokey eye and the occasional bright lip, minimal makeup is the way to catch your crush. Highlighting your natural beauty reflects your relaxed, drama-free personality. (After all, most guys don't dig the drama queen.)

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Here are 5 simple makeup ideas guys love:

1. Subtle smoky eye

The perfect blend of sexy and sweet, the smokey eye is the ultimate beauty staple and go-to makeup look for date night. Go extra glam with more shadow or tone it down for a daytime rendez-vous.

2. Natural

Less is always more when it comes to makeup. The caked-on concealer look comes in on a negative channel for most guys, indicating you need to cover something up. Try to use a lightweight concealer and foundation, and make sure the color matches your skin tone. In the summer, let your skin breathe and showcase that sun-kissed glow.

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3. Lush lashes

Guys love a flirty flutter of the lashes. Try volumizing mascara to add that sexy fullness to your lashes, opening up your peepers to catch his gaze. Fake lashes are another alternative to give your eyes a little lift, but make sure they are subtle and don't look too over-the-top and fake.

4. Soft creamy blush

A little pink color on your cheeks will brighten your entire face, giving you a healthy, fresh-faced appearance. Choose a color that blends well with your foundation and complements your skin tone and bronzer.

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5. Glossy pink lips

Draw attention to your luscious lips! A hot red or deep orange is sometimes too aggressive, but you can never go wrong with a light pink gloss. The delicate and dreamy look will give you a whimsical and romantic appeal that he won't be able to resist.

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