10 Men Reveal They Hate It When You Wear These Things

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woman in skirt and boots walking on sidewalk

Contrary to popular belief, guys actually do notice what you're wearing.

In fact, some fashion statements will even deter them from asking you out.

Read on to see what these guys had to say about the style sins that are unforgivable.

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Here 10 men reveal their clothing dealbreakers:

1. Wear shoes that you can walk in ...

"Wearing heels that you can't walk in is a deal breaker. I'm not taking you out for a play-pretend model time, this is NYC and you will be expected to be able to walk from the table to the door without a pulley system or guide rail." — Evan, 25

2. ... with the exception of Uggs ...

"Uggs. They're ugly, the shape is ugly, and it looks like you're wearing Eskimo shoes. It's not sexy. Seriously, wear anything but Uggs, especially when it's warm out!" — Matthew, 35

3. ... and make sure that your shoes actually fit

"When girls' toes come out over their shoes, it's disgusting. Even if she's a dime, if I see those toes spilling out, it's all over. Buy the right size." — Ray, 26

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4. Avoid hair accessories that make you look like a sea creature

"I can't stand those thin headbands that girls always wear to music festivals. They always end up getting pushed up and making their hair look like jellyfish or something. I just can't dig that weird look." — Reed, 24

5. Make sure your top stays on your body

"Tube tops! Small-chested women can get away with tube tops, but large-chested women spend the entire night lifting up the tube top. It's not flattering." — Remy, 25

6. Show off your curves

"I hate those high-waisted shorts that suck you in and make you look like you have no figure. I want to see your curves! They remind me too much of mom jeans." — Carl, 40

"Baggy pants. They leave too much to chance. Like—what are you hiding under there? They are just not attractive." — Timmy, 26

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7. Less isn't always more

"Obviously a girl needs to dress up for a date to spark some allure, but it's frustrating to go out with someone who draws the attention of everyone in the bar in a skimpy outfit. I'm not saying she should cover her wrists and ankles, but a bandeau and sheer skirt significantly increase the chances that I'll come back from the bathroom to find a gin-soaked creeper in her face running his weak game." — Max, 27

8. Mind the gap

"If I'm walking behind a girl and her G String is all the way up her back, it's a turnoff. There is a way to do this tastefully, like a sneak peek, but once it's all up and out there it's not sexy anymore." — AJ, 39

9. Don't be ironic

"If you've got a flat booty, don't wear those sweat pants that say 'Juicy' ...'" — Steven, 35

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